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#8 Lockdown…

Unfamiliar Territory

The current situation that we find ourselves in has without doubt disrupted a lot of things in our lives, but for someone who does CrossFit, i’d say a disruption to our training routine would be one of the most significant on the list.

For someone who does not understand what we do, who has the view of someone on the outside looking in, it would seem insignificant, to them, a disruption to training would be the least of their worries, however for us, being away from the box is about so much more than just missing a few training sessions!

CrossFit Teesside means different things to everyone. Yes, completing the daily WOD is a huge part of why we come, the sense of achievement at the end of it, the health & fitness benefits that come from sticking to the programme, and the addiction to the pain we experience from it are definitely some. But also, the sense of positivity you feel when you walk through the door, and carry with you as you leave is a huge factor, for some, a pure stress release is what they need to allow them to stay on an even keel, and not forgetting the emotional connection to our friends who we have met and now class as a second family.

We as Coaches love that our members feel such a connection to the Box, which we also do ourselves, and its why we want to make sure that during this hopefully short absence, through our programming and by staying connected via social media and other forms of communication, you can still feel that sense of achievement and positivity! For a lot of us, its the only way from stopping us going crazy!

Bringing the same Intensity

While the atmosphere may not be the same as throwing down in a Class, we can still create the same Intensity during our Home WODs that we create in the Box. Remember, that through a classic approach to CrossFit Programming, and still using proper and appropriate Scaling, top class Fitness
can still be delivered, no matter what environment we find ourselves in.

Completing workouts at home with limited equipment, seeing peoples photos and videos of their WOD set up and of them completing the daily WOD’s, is reminding myself and Lee of where it all started for us.

Before CrossFit Teesside opened I was following the WOD’s in my garden, I had a Dumbbell, a skipping Rope, a homemade Wallball and a doorway Pull Up bar, not much but for 6 months I managed to train hard every day and build up to a level of fitness which before finding CrossFit, I never though would have been possible. Any movement that came up which involved the use of a Barbell, I modified to the Dumbbell version of the movement, I had my 400m Run and 800m Run routes measured out round the streets where I lived, exactly what many of us are having to do now until we are allowed back into the Box. Lee started before me, while serving in Iraq of all places, he found himself running around in the desert and training on a military base, again with very limited pieces of equipment, only a few months after coming home he qualified for the European Regionals!

So try not to focus on the negatives of this situation, and instead, lets be positive and continue to get the most out of our training. Already during this first week of Lockdown, we have seen people training in their gardens, garages, and the beach. We have received messages and comments from people who have completed their 1st “RX” workout, managed their first ever Handstand Push Ups, and have set a Personal Best for their 5000m Run time!

Keep up the good work!

Its amazing to see how much positivity everyone at home is creating in relation to keeping their training going, and keeping our Community alive! Please continue to follow the daily programming that we are providing, keep watching the Whiteboard Briefs for each WOD, and make sure you subscribe to CrossFit Teesside’s YouTube channel incase you need to brush up on your technique, as always its important to keep our Standards high!

We love to keep in contact with everyone, and it keeps us motivated when we see how hard everyone is working at home, so please continue to comment on our Facebook and Instagram posts, tag us in your stories, and don’t hesitate to send us a message if you need help with anything, or even just to say hello!