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#9 Measurable Home Fitness…

Adapting to our Environment…

So for most people who are not used to training at home, it can be a lot different to training in the Box. I used to think this all the time when I used to sneak the odd extra session in at home on the weekends, the Weights feel heavier than normal, I didn’t feel as confident performing certain movements as when I’m in a class, and sometimes I felt like I just didn’t have as much motivation to push myself as hard as I usually would!

This is totally normal, just like anything, the body and the mind needs to go through a short stage of adaptation to this new setting and routine you are creating for yourself. Getting used to not having as much space around you when you train, to be able to freely ditch Weights like you would in the Box, and not having other people around you, they all things which we have been going through.

However, after two weeks of completing workouts at Home, things are already starting to feel a little bit better. If your like me, by now you’ve worked out a system for where you place your equipment for your WOD, your own little area just like when you set up in the Box! You may have a certain time of the day that you are able or like to Train. You have your 400m Runs and 800m Runs mapped out, some people have actually used markers, or are running to a certain lamp post in the street, or have a rough route round the block which is close to the required distance.

You are adapting!

I don’t know about everyone else, but I have found these Home WOD’s that we’ve completed so far to be very hard work, and because I’m starting to feel a bit more confident working out at Home, I’m pushing a little harder now and the Intensity during my Home WODs is increasing! I hope its the same for everyone else, but if its not, and your lacking a bit of motivation because you don’t feel as good as normal, honestly you need force yourself to get up and get the daily Home WOD done, and after doing this for a week or two, I promise you will start to feel a lot better, your body and your mind is going to adapt to it!

Where can I Improve?

This has got me thinking, instead of dwelling on the things we can’t do at home, things which we may be worried about because we don’t want to neglect them, such as practicing a certain Gymnastic Movement we’ve just learned, or lifting Heavier than we are able to at home, let’s focus on some things we can improve on!

Even if you lose a bit of strength by not lifting as Heavy as you can in the Box, it will not take long to get this back. From personal experience I can promise you that within even a Month of following a Strength Programme once we are back open those numbers will be flying back up!

But right now in this situation, what can we really focus in on and make a point of improving? I know for a fact that there are some people already, who will feel their Running is improving, because they are probably doing Running sessions that they wouldn’t usually have time for if they weren’t stuck at home!

Are Burpees a struggle for you in the Box? Well now is the time to hit those Burpees hard and build up a tolerance for them!

Do your Ab-Mat Sit Ups in Class WOD’s seem to burn out quickly, or do you feel like you don’t have a very strong core? Well, check out the two Core Accessory sessions that have been up on the Home WOD’s this week and get stuck into them!

Lets take the opportunity to take advantage of this situation that we are in, and take something that we would usually class as a Weakness, and by the time we are back in the Box, make sure we consider it as one of our Strengths!

If something is already a Strong element for you, a Press Up for example, let see how good you can actually get at them, spend an extra session a week on it and explore your potential, you could discover a whole other level you didn’t know you had!

Measuring our Home Fitness..

Just like at the Box, there is no reason why we should not be keeping a diary or log of our WOD’s and statistics. One of things I love about CrossFit, is the excitement that surrounds a “Benchmark Girl”. Setting up my gear and waiting for the clock to start before a WOD like “Karen” or “Fran” makes me nervous, because I know its a test of my fitness, a chance to compare to myself from a previous workout. If training has been going well, and the outcome is positive, there is no better feeling!

We would like to keep this going during our time away from the Box, we have already completed “Annie” earlier this week, and we will do our best to include even if modified, some other popular Benchmark WOD’s for you to do from Home.

But also, we will be creating some of our own specific “Home Benchmark” WOD’s, that will work great in the environment we are currently training in, and with the kit that we have access to. After one has been programmed, it might be two to three weeks, it could be longer (hopefully not), before it comes up again, but that feeling of improving since your previous effort will be no different from that feeling we achieve when finishing one of the girls in the Box.

Look out for a couple of these Home Benchmarks coming up soon, as well as a few little extra testing workouts for those who may be currently working on a Weakness of theirs, or are about to start!

The Goal remains the same…

If we keep measuring our fitness while at home, and keep improving in certain areas, or address some weaknesses we may have, then we are still pursuing the essence of what this is all about, to be as Generally Physically Prepared, as we can be!

Once we are back in the Box, fill in the gaps that have been missing, and our Fitness will be better than every before!

It has been said before that CrossFit makes you harder to kill, enables you to be physically, and we would argue also, mentally, ready for anything that life throws at us!

Well, now more than ever, its a good time to make sure we are. So lets continue to motivate each other and put ourselves through it at home, focus only on the things which we can improve on, and stay ready…

Keep up the good work!