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Our passion is delivering CrossFit classes in an inspiring environment and by motivated and qualified coaches. Our community is friendly, inviting and strong. We respect our member’s journeys and understand that everyone is at a different stage in that health and fitness walk. In a few short weeks you will be capable of performing what you now think is impossible. We will challenge your body and mind, whilst transforming your body’s composition.
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Love CrossFit Teesside-been going to classes for over three years. Wanted to stay active and the owner Lee Howe and Coaches have made me feel so welcome even though I'm not overly athletic. Coming to classes really helps with both my physical and mental wellbeing. If in doubt give it a go....

Susan Linda Reeve

Yesterday was unbelievable the amount of people who turned up and all the wonderful words to me but why should I be surprised as this is what CrossFit is like. I am in awe of how people react when the coaches look after us all and to say I am happy to be a member is a complete understatement. I genuinely think if it was not for CrossFit Teesside I might not be here now to fight this blasted disease. Thanks to all for such love and understanding for me and my family. I suggest everybody should join and see what a community we have

Eddie Holder

This is a great place to train with fellow fitness enthusiasts.I was made to feel welcome straight away .The coaches are very friendly and have a huge amount of knowledge to help each member progress .

Dean Gillings

Great coaching great people,
Seems people are apprehensive before the up coming Wod then once it's done we all smile and roll around the floor

Keith Goulding

I have always been active in my life, but never tried Crossfit before I moved to Middlesbrough. I was looking for a hobby where I could challenge and push myself and where I could meet other people who would be interested about same things as I am.
I am so happy I joined as that is exactly what I have gained from joining Crossfit Teesside. I challenge myself at every workout, I have become much fitter and I have made some great friends through Crossfit. I can only give five stars to this place!!

Tiina-Liisa Airola

Just started and the staff are fantastic! It’s challenging but you just know you are going to fit!!

Claire Giles

Fantastic friendly atmosphere, professional coaching offering encouragement and support which extends to each and every member of all ability and age. I have never been so fit and never been so eager to continue to improve. I love CrossFit, I would recommend it to everyone I know and don’t know, I have met many great friends there and I hope I’m still a member in my 90’s.

Kirstie Handley


So you’re ready to start with Crossfit Teesside Great! Welcome to the best decision you’ve ever made for your own wellness. Here are the steps to starting at Crossfit Teesside:
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After you complete the taster session you will find out how you will start CrossFit, we have got you covered in all areas of fitness.

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Why You’ll Love Training With Us


This is anything but a fad. We believe what really makes someone stick with an exercise routine is regularly having new short term goals and ways to measure their improvement. Nothing is more motivating than accomplishing something you never thought possible!

At our box under the guidance of the coaches you’ll follow a development process that helps you continue to get stronger and faster all while avoiding boredom and plateaus. We love seeing people challenge themselves and then succeed. In fact, we rate our success as a coaching staff by the success of our members.

We have Doctors, students, mechanics, manual labourers, office workers, Professional sports men/women, police staff, fire fighters, NHS staff and all other professions working out together in the SAME class. The best part is, no matter their background, or what level of fitness they started at, they completely support each other and celebrate each others accomplishments.

When you’re having a rough day or hard time in the gym, you’ll have a friend here who can get you through.

We believe in quality before quantity. Mechanics, then consistency and only then do we add intensity. We want things done right before we want them done fast and heavy. We want CrossFit to be part of your life for the long term and we do our best to help make that happen.

We feel that one of the best ways we can support you is by continually improving our knowledge and passing that on to you. Our methods are constantly evolving to provide the most effective, safe and fun experience to our members. Our coaching staff has over 25 years coaching experience between them and take the upmost pride in their work.

In fact, our Head Coach David Butterfield has in the past been hired by CrossFit Headquarters to train and develop coaches from other gyms around the world in Olympic Weightlifting.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme utilising constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity. At CrossFit Teesside we specialize in not specializing. All CrossFit workouts are completely scalable and can be embraced by anybody no matter what level of fitness they possess.

For example a grandma will have relatively less fitness levels than a 20 year old football player; however they can still train alongside each other carrying out identical functional movement patterns with just the reps and loads changing.

At CrossFit Teesside you will attain a broad, well rounded level of fitness and no matter what level you are starting from you will be trained as an athlete in order to reach fitness levels you never realised you could attain. You will become proficient in the following recognised physical skills.

At CrossFit Teesside we pride ourselves on the support, motivation and coaching you will receive as soon as you walk through the door. You will always have a level 1 qualified CrossFit coach motivating and encouraging you through your WOD (workout of the day).

This is something you won’t find in any other gym as a normality. We will demonstrate to you how to perform movements safely and then fine tune them for efficiency. At CrossFit Teesside we genuinely care about you achieving your goals and seeing results!

Another way CrossFit differs from any other training methodology is the community spirit that is forged; we are a community and a family of individuals all striving for a better life both physically and mentally.