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#7 Into The Swing Of It…

Back to “Routine”

Our last Blog post talked about how to get back into CrossFit after either having some time off over Christmas and New Year, or just taking your foot off the gas for a few weeks.

Now that we are firmly back into the swing of it, and cracking on with our weekly routines of work and life outside of the box, I think its important to ensure that we are making the most of our time at CrossFit so we stay sane! After all, for a lot of us, it is a chance to spend a little time focussing on just ourselves, a way to blow off some steam, and stay within a motivated and positive mindset (for me this is exactly what its about)!

Not to mention you are also paying your hard earned money to use this facility, and in return for this, surely you would like to know what is available to you!

Compared to a lot of other gyms that our members have used in the past, CrossFit Teesside is certainly a much more motivating and supportive environment to train in, and as long as your willing to put the effort in, you will always leave knowing that you have received a fantastic workout!

But the main focus for this blog post, is something that is definitely included in your membership, and something that you’d be silly not to take advantage of…


Every time you attend a Class at CrossFit Teesside, not only are you going to receive a fantastic workout, but you will also be looked after by one of our experienced Coaches! From Warm Ups to Technique sessions, to being Encouraged and if needed, Corrected, during your workout, your already getting a lot more for your money than you would at a regular Gym!

But did you know that the Coaching at the Box can go further than this?

We often mention, and are asked about, the extra “Boards” that are written up around the Box. It is common knowledge that if you wish too, you can follow one of our Strength Programmes, or hit one of our extra Engine sessions.

There is also a tab on our Website labelled “Extra Training”, which contains extra programming for Gymnastics & Olympic Weightlifting, there is a section for Accessories to compliment the Strength Boards, and there is also a “Competitors” section containing an advanced WOD.

If you would like to implement some of these “Extras” in your training, whether it is to focus your efforts towards something specific like increasing your Max lifts to improve your ability in the Class WOD’s, or because you have caught the bug and wish to Compete in CrossFit, then we would love to help teach you how to do so!
“Individualised Programming”

So many CrossFit Coaches out there, or people who claim to be would love to write you a programme which they will tell you is specifically tailored just for you. It is what you need, if you want to further your athletic development and reach an elite level of performance. They will also be happy to charge you £50-100 per month for it though…

The problem I see with this is that firstly is, unless you are being watched by this person daily in your box, they know how you move, know what your strengths and weaknesses are, (sometimes better than you do), and can physically talk to you about it, how do they know how to write out an individualised programme for you?

Secondly, if this Programme is coming from a Coach at your own box, and you are following it within the designated opening times of the facility, then why should you have to pay extra for it?

Finally, the biggest problem I see with being given different programming to what is provided at your box, is that people usually go from training with the group to training on their own. I don’t care how fantastic and expertly written a programme is, one of the biggest attractions for most people who walk into a CrossFit Box is the chance to train amongst other people who are going to motivate and push them, why would anybody want to take this away?

We know it works…

You can have confidence that our programming is second to none, because we follow it ourselves! We would not write a workout up on a Board at the Box if we did not believe that it was worth doing ourselves!

Yes we do some extra training, but we certainly do not pay for our own Individualised Programmes, we tailor the “Extra Training” on offer at CrossFit Teesside to our own needs, depending on what we need to focus on.

So how do I put it all together?

This is what I believe is where sometimes it goes wrong!

Yes we put a WOD up on the Whiteboard every day, and yes we include all the extra programming you might need to develop your fitness to higher levels if this is desired.

However… sometimes people are afraid to ask how to put it together, which parts of this extra programming are actually relevant to them, an often it seems like too much to handle, or they end up trying to cram everything in which is too much!

We understand that not everyone has the time to spend three hours in the Box every day. Whether you do, or whether you only have three free hours a week, all you have to do in order to let us structure your programming, and direct your time spent in the box… is ask!

Not everyone wants to complete extra training, and we see lots of people making constant progress by taking part in just three Classes per week. If this is you and your loving it, don’t change it, because you don’t need to!

But if you do want more out of your membership, we’ve got you covered. The idea is not to follow every board in the box and every single piece of extra programming available on the website.

In order to tailor you’re “Individualised Programme”, we can tell you which pieces to focus on, and which ones to ignore.

Your Coaches are here to Coach you, and is desired, they can make sure every bit of effort you are putting into your training, is being put into the right things!

In exchange though, you need to do one thing for us. Something which doesn’t always come naturally to people, but if you have the ability to do it, is the different between the success or failure of a programme!

Be Coachable… Athletes that are not, don’t go as far.

Get in touch!

If you would like me to tailor the programming at the Box so that it is specific to you, please do not hesitate to get it touch. Let me know this week if you want some “Individualised Programming” for February.

Email = [email protected]
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Messenger = David Butterfield
or just speak to me in the Box!