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#6 New Year, New You?

New Years Resolutions!
What better time of the year, than the 1st of January is there, to get back on it!
In most commercial Gyms around the world, today (or probably Monday), it will be their busiest day of the year. The past few weeks have been full of eating and drinking, and for a lot of people, not exercising. After New Year, everyone is getting back into their normal routine and with that comes the desire to start their new routine of going to the gym and getting fit again!
Thankfully, in the case of our members who actually make use of their gym membership, if there has been a period of down time over the holidays, it has only been a short stint away from it, and after a couple of weeks getting stuck into the classes again, fitness will already be returning to where it was!
Sadly, for someone who does not have the motivation year round that keeps them going to their gym, its pretty much like starting from scratch and what’s worrying is, they could be about to hurl themselves back into the world of cardio machines with TV screens on and lifting a few weights here and there without any real guidance from a coach. This is what stopped them from going to their Gym in the first place!
Chances are this will last a few weeks if that, and then they will stop going, the owners of gym they go to wont be bothered though, because its likely they are in another contract which means even though they are not using it, the membership fee will continue to come out of their bank account every month.
If you know someone who is trapped in this cycle of impending doom, do them a favour and get them on a taster session so they can experience something different. Although a little less luxurious than what they are used to, a CrossFit box is a much more motivating environment, and if they are willing to put in just a little bit more hard work than they have experienced in a while, it will without doubt be they best decision they make for themselves this year!
Don’t blow your Load too early…
For those of our members who have kept up their training over the holidays, lets not get excited after the New Year, your already in the groove and the juices are flowing, write yourself three things you would like to get from your training this year, three Goals you would like to achieve and just keep at it!
The improvements you’ve made since you first started are no doubt already significant so in my opinion, there’s no need to start doing anything crazy, keep working hard and I guarantee there will be further gains to be made, remember the key to long term Health and Fitness is to stay Consistent in what you do! You don’t need to double the time you spend in the Gym, and you definitely don’t need to start an online programme written by some bloke who calls you his coach and tells you that your programme is individualised to you, but will actually never ever see you train in the flesh or really care how your getting one… that’s the truth right there!
And don’t even think about telling yourself, or listen to anyone who tell you that during 2020, your not going to allow yourself any cheat meals or a few beers with your mates when you fancy it, balls to that! Just don’t make it a habit, eat and well as you can 90% of the time, and when you feel like getting a little bit naughty, enjoy that 10%! If your training hard most of the time, I think you deserve it!
Ease it in!
If on the other hand, you havn’t been to the Box for a while for whatever reason, or you are just getting started, its important that we ease you in gently!
Going too hard, trying to cram too many sessions in each week which either your body, or daily routine cant handle, come February you will be just like those sat in the commercial gyms watching the soaps, back to square one!
You need to first of all decide how many sessions a week you can dedicate to coming to the box, make sure you fit this in nicely around the other commitments you have in your life, don’t turn everything into a rush. Remember, we are not expecting to see you in every day of the week, in fact we recommend that you start with just Three sessions per week, which will be enough to see some significant improvements in your fitness to begin with!
Second of all, you don’t need to get on some crazy diet or nutrition programme right away, you absolutely can if you want to, but if its all new, the intensity of the exercises is already something for you to be getting used to. To begin with, I would recommend just cutting some of the rubbish out or swapping these things for something healthier. For example, if you tend to snack on junk food during the day while at work, swap these snacks for some fruit and nuts instead. If you are in the habit of drinking alcohol most nights when you get in, try to limit this to only every other night, or better still just on the weekends.
These small things might seem pretty basic for someone who is already in the habit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but for someone who is not it can be hard work, so don’t attempt to go from 0 to 100mph, just add things in gradually.