Workout of the Day

WOD – “31/03/2014”

Today is the final day of the 2014 Worldwide CrossFit Open Competition. For the past 5 weeks a large group of our athletes have tested themselves against the rest of the worldwide Crossfit Community by taking part in 5 different workouts. It has been great to see people being pushed to their limit and in some cases forced out of their comfort zones which has definately led to limitations being defied! The atmosphere in the box has been amazing, once again well done to everyone who has taken part, I hope you enjoyed the experience and have taken something positive away from it. Also thanks to everyone who has given up their time to either judge or simply come down to support our athletes, you are greatly appreciated and are a excellent example of why our box has such a fantastic Community 🙂

Now that the Open is over, we go back to our normal Class schedule. THURSDAY will now go back to being “OPEN GYM” day and “TEAM” & “COMP” WOD’s will be run on FRIDAY’s.

The expansion at the box is more or less complete, the new space is now ready to be WODed in, the White Boards & Mobility Corner have been moved into the new area. The Pull Up Rig has been expanded, 2 new Lifting Platforms have been added and more Kit has been purchased including over 10 new Barbells!!!

Along with the increased space and equipment we are adding a new White Board at the box which will feature “Extra Programming”. This is aimed at those of you who, after tackling the daily WOD, are looking to throw in a little bit extra such as Strength Training, Gymnastics Practice or Endurance. This will be ideal for those of you who can not commit to something like a Structured Strength Program, as always it will be Functional & Constantly Varied 🙂 It will not be posted on the Website however, just take a look at the Board when you arrive. Strength & Gymnastics extras will be added on Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Friday’s (so you will have 2 day’s before it gets wiped off), Endurance extras will be added daily.

Here is the 1st WOD of the week!

Warm Up:
Run, Row or Ski 600m
Stretch & Mobilise

Wallball Tekkers

3 Rounds For Time Of:
30 Kettlebell Swings @ 16/24kg
25 Wallballs @ 6/9kg
20 Pull Ups

* Scale WEIGHT as needed.
* Scale Pull Ups for Band Assisted or Jumping.

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