Workout of the Day

WOD 28.07.2014

Well done to everyone who competed in the JoLee Interbox Throwdown at CrossFit Telic this weekend! It was great to see everyone working so hard you did an amazing job, plenty of PB’s and it looked like everyone had a lot of fun!

Big shout outs to Evie Hollis & Angela Fletcher who came 1st and 2nd in the Female Individual Catagory, Debra Husband & Marvin Rodwell who came 2nd in the Masters Catagories, and Josh Brown who came 3rd in the Mens Individuals! Fantastic showing!

And last but not least thankyou to everyone who came down that wasn’t competing for all the amazing support you gave to all the athletes, as always your presence is greatly appreciated, it honestly would not be the same without knowing you guys are there rooting for everyone! Plus… a massive thanks to Lee Howe and all the JoLee gang for putting on this amazing event which was so well organised, and giving us a taste of a classic CrossFit competition!


Warm Up:
Run 800m
Stretch & Mobilise

Down Up Tekkers

WOD 1:
For Time Of:
Run 400m
25 Down Ups
Run 400m
25 Down Ups
Run 400m


WOD 2:
7 Minute AMRAP Of:
20 Double Unders
10 Kettlebell Swings @ 16/24kg

* Scale WEIGHT as needed
* Scale Double Unders for 60 Singles

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