Workout of the Day


Well done to everybody who tackled the OPEN WOD 12.1. Speaking from experience, individuals always push themselves that little bit further when they are in a competition enviroment. Who knows what will come out of the hat for OPEN WOD 12.2 but Im sure everybody is excited!!!

I wanted to inform all of you that Im making plans to improve the facility, right now Im in negotiations with the landlords about moving to a new unit close by. There still isnt a set date in place as there are a few issues to confirm but the ball is certainly rolling and Im optomistic we will have a larger space by the Summer. With the larger space I will also be hoping to add more equipment/ toys to use as well as installing a 1 person changing facility and extra lockers, there are no plans for showers as the floor space is too valuable.

Please remember that everybody needs to work together at the box, I know I’m responsible for the day to day cleanliness but please take note of the following:

1) Please make sure you CLEAN and REMOVE all chalk marks from the floor, a half hearted wipe isnt good enough.

2) Please make sure you put equipment away CORRECTLY and NEATLY once your finished, making sure that any SWEAT is cleaned off.

3) The Pigeon holes/lockers are there for everyones use, if you have any clothing in there then please take it away with you. The only items that can be left overnight are Weight Lifting shoes, Wrist Straps, Jump Ropes and these are to be left neatly. As of Thursday morning any thing left will be binned. This should hopefully free up some space so the holes can be used by peoples bags rather than clogging up the floor.

4) Please take all water bottles home with you.

Rant over, now back to usual busines 🙂

Warm up

Run 800m, Stretch and mobilise


10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps for time of:

  • Power Snatch @ 30kg/42.5kg
  • OH Squats @ 30kg/42.5kg
  • H/R Press ups

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