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WOD 26.11.2019


CrossFit Teesside’s “12 Days of Christmas” begins Monday 9th December 2019! For those of you who are not familiar with this Box tradition, for two full weeks running up to christmas, we will be completing a mixture of Hero & Benchmark WOD’s.

During the “12 Days of Christmas”, there will be no “Open Gym” on a Thursday, just like every other day of the week, we will be running classes instead, which means that there will be a programmed WOD, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The Sunday in between will be a chance to catch up if you have missed out on a certain workout, or a well needed rest for those who are attempting to complete all of the “12 Days”!

As always, you will be able to vote for the WOD’s which you would like to come up in the “12 Days”. For each of the days, you will get a choice between two WOD’s, at the end of next week (choices are on the whiteboard in the box), the ones with the most ticks next to them will be the 12 that we complete, however they will be placed in order by the coaches, and revealed the night before they are programmed, just like normal!

Once you have had a look at the choices, do your research, and choose wisely, the majority of these workouts are not for the faint hearted!!! But as always, can be scaled as needed! So there is nothing to worry about if you are still new to CrossFit.


Here is Tuesday’s WOD!

Warm Up:
Row 250m
Ski 250m
Assault Bike 25 Calories
Stretch & Mobilise


Barbell Tekkers

10 Rounds for Max Reps of:

20 Seconds of Deadlifts @ 42.5/60kg
10 Seconds Rest
20 Seconds of Hang Power Cleans @ 42.5/60kg
10 Seconds Rest
20 Seconds of Shoulder to Overhead @ 42.5/60kg

40 Seconds Rest Before Next Round

2 Minutes Extra Rest After Completing 5 Rounds (in the middle of the workouts)

* Scale WEIGHT as needed

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