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CrossFit Games OPEN 2012

For those who arent aware, the past five weeks has seen CrossFit Teesside members compete in the WORLD championships for the very first time as individuals but also as a TEAM. The OPEN was the moment that I’d personally spent the last 12 months training for after tasting action in last years competition at Europen level. However my world came crashing down after I suffered a 3rd shoulder dislocation 4 weeks prior to it starting which obviously devestated me.

Cue CrossFit Teesside Ninjas and Ninjettes to the rescue, I was so proud of the amount of entries we had from the box and this more than made up for the fact I wasnt competing. I’d like to thank each and everyone of you who played their part in the OPEN, wether you were competing, judging or supporting. I think you’ll all agree its been a very challenging, yet satisfying 5 weeks with every one “DEFYING THEIR LIMITATIONS”. Lets be honest, if it wasnt for the competition enviroment who would have lifted, threw or jumped the weights and heights they did?? Who can honestly say they’d try a 7 minute Burpee AMRAP if it wasnt programmed 🙂 Its been an awesome 5 weeks and here are some of the highlights.


This WOD had people falling in love with Burpees, it gave you guys an opportunity to see exactly how much inner drive you had. When you fail a Burpee it isnt because it becomes too heavy, its because your head says stop. We all went at different paces but nobody stopped moving which speaks volumes about our conditioning, hence finishing 55th out of 138 boxes in this WOD.


The Snatches, this WOD was challenging in so many ways. For many it was the first time doing a Snatch at a substantial weight let alone for reps. Many of you guys made it through the first round but became stuck at the second, this is due to time in the sport and nothing else, The Olympic lifts will come in time I guarantee. Even with the sticking points we finished 116th.


Box Jump, Push Press and Toes 2 Bar AMRAP. This WOD is a perfect example of you guys stepping upto the plate and hitting the prescribed standards. It seen many firsts including people hitting 1 rep max Cleans, Shoulder to overhead (females doing 35kg which is the weight that stopped them the previous week) and Box Jumps not only once but multiple times!!! And who can forget the Toes 2 Bar, what you once thought impossible suddenly became do able 🙂 Because of this attitude we finished 115th in this WOD.


A WOD within a WOD, it contained “KAREN” followed by Double Unders and then Muscle Ups!! I think everyone who did this either PB’d or upped the weight on their previous “KAREN” score!! Many of you guys who would sub Single Unders for Doubles found yourself having to do Double Unders. We finished 100th overall.


A return of last years final WOD a Ladder Couplet of Thrusters n Chest to Bar pull ups. I was disappointed when this came up but looking back on it Im happy it did. I rarely programme C2B pull ups so it gave you guys an opportunity to go that extra step with your pull ups. We had 3 females getting their first C2B even though one was in the warm up 😉 The build up week also seen people getting their first pull up in practice. As it stands were sitting 85th in this WOD.

Right now as a box we are positioned 90th in Europe, this is amazing for a box so young. I hope you guys are proud and realise your achievements, as a Coach its been a pleasure to work with athletes such as yourselves. Lets stick to the benchmarks and standards you have recently set yourself and things can only get better.

Back to business

Warm up

Row 500m, Stretch and mobilise


For time:

  • Run 800m
  • 5KB Swings @ 24/32kg
  • 5 H/R Press ups
  • Run 600m
  • 10 KB Swings @ 24kg/32kg
  • 10 H/R Press ups
  • Run 400m
  • 15 KB Swings @ 24kg/32kg
  • 15 H/R Press ups
  • Run 200m
  • 20 KB Swings @ 24kg/32kg
  • 20 H/R Press ups

You will have noticed the increase in KB weights, its not a typo. Scale as needed, i.e lower weights/Russian swings 🙂

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