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At 6am on Saturday 22nd September 5 mixed teams from CrossFit Teesside made a 2 hour road trip to CrossFit Clitheroe in order to compete in “Gorilla Warfare”. For those who dont know “Gorilla Warfare” is a CrossFit competition involving 5 WODs which are to be completed in a male and female pairing. For CrossFit Teesside we had, Lee Howe & Hollie Simpson, Seth Wareing & Helen Morton, Paul & Kate Briggs, Guy Brown & Kelly Clark and Scott Morton & Jamie-Leigh Boult. The WODs were all released 5 mins prior to the actual WOD taking place so the unknown and unknowable was certailnly the case. Here is a review and highlights on how it went down.


Part A

6 min Ladder: Both partners perform 1 partner Deadlift @ 130kg, then the male does 1 over bar Burpee, both partners then perform 2 partner Deadlifts and the female does 2 over bar burpees, this then goes onto 3,4,5 etc until the 6 mins is up.

rest 2 mins then straight into Part B

6 min AMRAP of how high up the ladder you got, for example if you got to 11 partner Deadlifts then the pairing would AMRAP 11 Deads,11 over bar burpees. The Female went first @ 60kg, then the male followed @ 70kg.

The team arrived at the venue 10 mins prior to WOD 1 kicking off, this was due to a prolonged stop at Maccy D’s 🙂 Guy and Kelly were thrown straight into the deep end by being drawn into heat 1, after having no time for a warm up not even  a single PVC pipe Deadlift they cracked on and smashed the WOD to pieces!! This was the first time the competition was to witness Kellys trademark screams which were to feature massively throughout 🙂 The rest of the teams after benefiting from a warm up followed in the next few heats and they all scored highly on this WOD. A special thumbs up goes out to Jamie-Leigh, because of hers and Scotts height difference she had to perform deficit partner Deadlifts by standing on a 6″ platform of plates, deficit Deadlifts are pretty brutal, give them a try in your next open gym!!

rest 30 mins then WOD 2

For the second WOD we were lead to a large public park. Each team was given a unknown weighted log, an 18kg sandbag and a tyre. They had to run roughly 50m carrying the kit between them, then they had to perform 10 jumps in and out of the tyre and 10 kneel down and stand up whilst holding the sandbag overhead (the reps could be performed by either the male or female). They had to do 5 rounds of this and then finish with a 50m run carrying the kit. This WOD was right up CrossFit Teesside’s street and all the 4oom plate/medball carries performed in previous team WODs payed off. All the teams finished high in their respective heats with Lee & Hollie taking first place overall and being the only team to hit sub 5 mins 🙂

rest 20 mins then WOD 3

WOD 3 was located at a Bandstand facing a spectators area with steep steps. The teams had to perform 6 Muscle ups up and down onto the bandstand, then 21 Log Thrusters alternating shoulders, then 15 sprints up and down the steps carrying an 18kg sandbag, 15 Thrusters, 10 Sand bag sprints, 9 Thrusters, 5 Sandbag sprints and then finish off with 6 Muscle ups onto the bandstand. Again this was right up the teams street, all their engine conditioning payed off with all the teams placing high in their respective heats.

rest 90 mins then WOD 4

WOD 4 took the teams back to the box and here they had to perform a 6  minute AMRAP of Wall Balls; however as oppose to throwing the balls at a wall they had to throw the ball  to each other over a steel girder roughly 10′ high. Any time the ball touched the girder then the female had to perform 10 Air Squats, the male had to perform 10 H/R press ups. This proved to be a challenging WOD for most of the CrossFit Teesside teams; however they all give it 100%. More wall balls to feature in future programming. One team that didnt struggle was Paul and Kate Briggs, the husband and wife smashed this WOD to pieces notching one of the top scores!!!

rest 30 mins then WOD 5 – The final Chipper.

When WOD 5 was announced most of the competing teams gasped for breath; not CrossFit Teesside though. The WOD was a carbon copy of what Teesside does every Friday on Team WOD day. The chipper was, For time: 250 Air Squats, 200 H/R Press ups, 150 KB Swings @ 16kg/24kg, 100 Ab-mat Sit ups, 75 Power Snatches @ 20kg/35kg, 50 Burpees, TIME CAP 25 mins, Sounds familiar right 🙂 In true Team WOD fashion the teams got on with the task in hand and chipped their way through it. A very exciting moment was when Paul Briggs managed to squeeze in his last Burpee just 1 second before the timecap, I think this certainly saved his marriage 🙂 Lee & Hollie won this WOD overall giving them their second top spot of the day. (watch out for this WOD very soon)

After 5 WODs the final standings out of 42 teams were:

  • Lee & Hollie – 4th
  • Seth & Helen – 14th
  • Paul & Kate – 15th
  • Guy & Kelly – 20th
  • Scott & Jamie – 36th

The box was represented very well, not only by the competitors but also the spectators. A big Thank you goes to Amanda Porteous, Caroline Rabbetts and proud Son Tom Briggs for all their support and encouragement. Well done everybody, bring on Divided We Fall!!!!

Ok, so back to business as usual for the up and coming week. Please note that until further notice due to its quietness the 6pm-7pm Class on Fridays Team WOD will now become competitor training. This training is open to anybody who is competetively natured; however for the next 6 weeks it will focus around preparing the team for Divided We Fall Games.

If anybody would like to order a Hoodie, Tee or vest then please fill out the order form on my desk before this Friday. Im looking into larger water bottles for the fridge, Ive listened to the feedback reference the price increase and hope to stock 750ml bottles very soon.

Finally the WOD post 🙂

Warm up

Run 800m, Stretch and Mobilise

Squat Clean Tekkers

3 x 10 Front Squats with PVC pipe/bar


For time:

  • 10 Squat Cleans @ 42.5kg/60kg
  • 20 H/R Burpees
  • 8 Squat Cleans @ 42.5kg/60kg
  • 18 H/R Burpees
  • 6 Squat Cleans @ 42.5kg/60kg
  • 16 H/R Burpees
  • 4 Squat Cleans @ 42.5kg/60kg
  • 14 H/R Burpees
  • 2 Squat Cleans @ 42.5kg/60kg
  • 12 H/R Burpees

TIME CAP: 20 mins. (This only has to be adhered to if the classes are extremly packed)

*Scaling options*

Reduce the weight on the Squat cleans and or rep ranges on the Burpees, if you struggle to execute a squat clean then a Power Clean into a Front squat is the way to develop your Squat Clean.

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