Workout of the Day

WOD – “12/08/2013”

Summer isn’t over yet but Christmas is already fast approaching and that can only mean 1 thing……Crossfit Teesside Christmas Party…….

Date: Saturday 14th December 2013
Venue: Sporting Lodge, Middlesbrough
Time: 7.30pm – 1.00am
Price: £37.00 per person (Includes 3 course meal, live entertainment and disco)

£10.00 deposit required by Friday 6th September 2013

£27.00 final payment due by Saturday 26th October 2013

I have secured 100 places for the night and to reserve your place a £10.00 deposit must be paid either before or by the above date at the very latest. This is on a first come, first served basis and names will not be taken unless accompanied by the deposit.

The final payment of £27.00 must be made before or by the above date at the latest, if payment is not made by the date your place will be given to someone else and you will lose your deposit.

To pay your deposit/final payment can you ensure that your money is put into an envelope and your name(s) clearly written on the front along with the amount you are paying and then either give it to one of the coaches or put it into the purple Christmas Box which will be kept in the coaches office.

I’ll let everyone know menu choices etc in the coming weeks but if anyone has any questions please either inbox me on Facebook or see me when I’m in the Box.

Now on a more serious note… for our new and existing members of Crossfit Teesside, we would like to remind you of a few box rules which MUST be followed in order to keep the box an organised, tidy and safe environment for everyone to train in. I will be naming no names here, the majority of you are doing your best to follow these rules and are setting a positive example to our new members (it is greatly appreciated, thank you), however there are a few who seem to be forgetting them!

Here is a list below of some simple box rules, please have a read though and make sure you remember them to keep our classes running smoothly (burpee fines will be issued for not following the rules!) 🙂

1. Clean up your Chalk marks & Sweat.

2. Put all your Equipment away in its correct place.

3. Do not drop Dumbbells or Kettlebells.

4. Do not ditch empty Barbells, or a Barbell which is made up of only the small Plates or the thin 5kg Plates.

5. Make sure the Kettlebells are put away neatly and in weight order.

6. Make sure the Plates are stacked neatly in weight order (in between each pair of Squat Racks should be a pile of 20kg’s, a pile of 10kg’s and a pile of 5kg’s. 15kg plates should be in one pile at the very end next to the mobility area)

7. Put all rubbish in the bin next to the fridge (such as empty bottles, blue roll & hand tape).

8. Always write your name & time on the white board, if you have scaled an aspect of the WOD put an (S), if you havn’t put an (Rx’d).

9. Store your belongings on one of the shelves provided, or neatly in the carpeted area near the door.

10. Don’t park your car in front of anyone else’s building or door, if there are no spaces left in front of the box, please use the overflow parking areas at either end of the car park.

11. Never miss reps or “Rep Shave” during a WOD. One of the best aspects of Crossfit is working out with others to give you that extra encouragement & motivation. Also, a bit of competitiveness with your fellow Crossfitters can be a good thing to push you that little bit harder. However this competitiveness should not result in reps being missed, or the movements being rushed in order to get the fastest time on the board. The person you should be competing with most is yourself, what matters is that you are working hard in order to make yourself better and improve your fitness, and of course having fun! If you do genuinely lose count in a WOD, start that set again or do some extra reps to make sure you do enough 🙂

Now let’s get stuck into another week of training!

Warm Up:
Row 600m
Stretch & Mobilise

Squat Clean Tekkers

20 Minutes to Establish:
3 Rep Max Squat Clean

6 Minute AMRAP Of:
5 Squat Cleans @ 42.5/60kg
10 Pull Ups

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