Workout of the Day

WOD 12.09.2016

Check out the Whiteboard in the Strength Section (back wall behind squat racks) for the new Strength Programme which begins this week. For those who are just getting started and are focusing on just the main parts of it, these will be marked with a star and can be completed in just two sessions per week in around 30 Minutes. For those who are a little more experienced, there is also a new Strict Gymnastics Programme running alongside the main lifts and a few extra accessories thown in. Please ask if you are not sure of how it works or if you have any queries at all.

Here is our 1st WOD of the Week… we have been expecting it to come up soon, lets get fired up for it as we have worked hard on our Running all summer, but as always try to enjoy it 🙂

Warm Up:
Run 800m
Stretch & Mobilise

Running Prep

For Time Of:
Run 5000m

* Scale DISTANCE as needed
* For those who cannot Run because of injury… please still come in and tackle either a 5km Row or Ski, or a long stint on the Assault Bike!

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