Workout of the Day

WOD 12.08.2020

During today’s WOD we will be doing Pistol Squats!!! If you think you will be doing the “POST ASSISTED” version of this movement, please choose a station at the back which is connected to the Rig.

The small boxes will be available for the “BOX ASSISTED” version of the movement, feel free to grab one from inside the rig before we begin, and use the plates to adjust the Height!

If your doing “UNASSISTED” Pistol Squats, choose a station away from the rig, and make sure you get some practice in before we start if its been a while!


Warm Up:
10 Alternating Lunges
30 Single Unders
5 Burpees
x 5

Pistol Squat Re-Cap

Kit Set-Up & Movement Practice

5 Rounds for Max Reps of:

30 Seconds of Pistol Squats
30 Seconds of Double Unders
30 Seconds of Burpees
30 Seconds Rest

Rest 3 Minutes

Tabata Flutter Kicks
(20 Seconds On, 10 Seconds Off x 8)

* Scale PISTOLS for Post/Box Assisted Pistols
* Switch PISTOLS for Alternating Box Step Ups if needed
* Scale DU’s for Single Unders

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