Workout of the Day


REST DAY/ Active recovery

Active recovery would involve a light row/run, plenty of stretches and mobilisation.

Remember you can still come in and catch up on any missed WODs during the week.


New Box Progress

The rig is now finished with alot of the fixtures and fitting in place including the changing rooms. The next big step will be the flooring, each mat weighs 44kg 🙂 Im hoping to get it moved across on Friday/Saturday with as much help from you guys as possible. The remainder of the floor will be laid once it arrives, after that its just the desk that needs fitting but thats no drama. Im still hoping to be fully functional in our new home by Monday 23rd. As for my own personal progress the physio was really happy with my mobility, Im currently 13 days post surgery yet Ive made the recovery gains he’d expect from a 3 month post surgery patient.(However Im still treated as a 2 week post surgry patient) I put that down to the fact I CrossFit, eat clean and religiously take 3 PURE PHARMA OMEGA 3’s daily 🙂

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We are now using TeamUp for booking into classes

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