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WOD 08.10.2019


There will be a change to our Class schedule for the next five weeks while “The Open” is going on. The Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games, which anyone is welcome to enter and take part in, and every week for five weeks, on Thursday nights, a workout for that week is released, and you have from Friday morning until Monday night to complete it and enter your score online. There is always an “RX” or “Scaled” version of the workout to choose from.

The Open is usually in February but due to a CrossFit Games format and schedule change, this is the new time of the year when this will happen, which means there wont be an “Open” at the start of 2020.

For the next five weeks, Thursday will be when “Team WOD” is programmed, all Classes will be running at the usual times.

Friday, which is your best chance to complete The Open WOD if your taking part, will become “Open Gym”. For anyone who does not wish to complete The Open WOD, there will be a “Beast WOD” programmed as always, and you will still be able to “Catch Up” from workouts earlier in the week.

If you are signed up to “The Open”, at 7am and 12:30pm on Friday, we will still run it like a Class and will Judge each other for the WOD, at all other times of the day, get yourself warmed up and ready, we will have a heat system going, and depending on how many people are available to judge, will get as many athletes going together as we can. As always its a massive help if you can judge, if you have just completed your WOD, it would be greatly appreciated if you could stay and judge a heat before you go! Also, if you are planning on helping out with Judging, its a good idea to complete “The Online Judges Course” on so you are as familiar with the standards as possible.

If you have not signed up yet and would like to join in, you can also do this on the CrossFit Games website, remember to select CrossFit Teesside as your affiliate!

Warm Up:
Ski 500m
Assault Bike 25 Calories
Stretch & Mobilise

Calories, Burpees & Jumping Air Squats

Burpee Box Jump Re-Cap
Single Arm DB Push Press & Push Jerk Tekkers

7 Minute AMRAP of:
Burpee Box Jumps @ 20/24″

Rest 3 Minutes

7 Minute AMRAP of:
7 Left Arm DB Shoulder to Overhead @ 15/22/5kg
7 Right Arm DB Shoulder to Overhead @ 15/22.5kg
14 Ab-Mat Sit Ups

* Scale HEIGHT & WEIGHT as needed

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