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WOD 05.10.2015

We would like to say a big Congratulations to Glyn Sadler (Snowy) for Passing his CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Certification! Snowy, who has been Training at CrossFit Teesside for a very long time, is an ex-marine who has a huge passion for Fitness and the CrossFit Training Methodology! He has taken this to the next level by attending the CrossFit Level 1 Course which has increased his knowledge of CrossFit and his Coaching abilities!

One of Snowy’s specialities, which he developed as a Royal Marine, is the Rope Climb! This is a gymnastic movement which is included in CrossFit, and is considered Advanced because of how Technical it is. For those of you who would like to improve your Rope Climbing, or learn to do it for the 1st time, Snowy will be running a Rope Climbing Workshop available to all CrossFit Teesside members!

In the Workshop, you will learn different techniques for obtaining a secure “Footlock”, which is the key to climbing a rope efficiently. If you have never successfully attempted one, you will be given different progressions which will eventually lead you to achieving you 1st full Rope Climb. For those who have already completed a full Rope Climb, this will be a great way to pick up Tips on how to improve your Technique and make you faster up and down the Rope!

This Workshop will take place at CrossFit Teesside, on Sunday 11th October @ 12 Noon! If you would like to take part, there will be a spot to sign up for this on the whiteboard at the box, it is Free of Charge!


Here is Monday’s WOD!

Warm Up:
Row 1000m
Stretch & Mobilise


Power Clean Tekkers

15 Minute LADDER Of:
3 Power Clean @ 42.5/60kg
5 Pull Ups
10 Press Ups
15 Squats
6 Power Clean @ 42.5/60kg
5 Pull Ups
10 Press Ups
15 Squats
9 Power Clean @ 42.5/60kg
15… Continue As Far As Possible

* Scale WEIGHT as needed
* Scale PU’s for Band Assisted or Jumping Pull Ups
* Scale Press Ups for Knees

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