Workout of the Day

WOD – “04/03/2014”

Huge well done to everyone who completed the 1st Open WOD over the last few days. Had a few ups n downs but we got there in the end. The atmosphere in the box has been electric and it has been inspiring to watch everyone Defying Their Limitations. Watching people being forced out of their comfort zones and end up smashing out some of their 1st ever Double Unders in a WOD, and watching people push to their absolute limit in order to achieve a few more reps has been an awesome experience!!! You should all be extremely proud of yourselves, bring on the next one!

Anyone who has gave up their time to come in to Judge & Support our athletes, you are greatly appreciated and the past few days would not have been the same without you! Keep up the good work everyone 🙂

Here is Tuesday’s WOD!

Warm Up:
Row or Ski 500m
Stretch & Mobilise

Thruster Tekkers
Burpee Box Jump Tekkers

12 Minute AMRAP Of:
7 Thrusters @ 30/42.5kg
10 Burpee Box Jumps @ 20/24″

* Scale WEIGHT & HEIGHT as needed

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