Workout of the Day

WOD 04.11.2019


Please remember that while “The Open” is still on, which means that next week “TEAM WOD” will be programmed on Thursday, and the usual class times (same as Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) will apply. Friday is “OPEN GYM”, which is the best chance for anyone signed up to complete “20.4”. There will also be a “Beast WOD” on the Whiteboard, as well as “Catch Up” WOD’s from earlier in the week!

Warm Up:
Row 500m
Ski 500m
Stretch & Mobilise


Power Clean Tekkers

For Max Reps of:
1 Minute of Power Cleans @ 42.5/60kg
1 Minute of Wallballs @ 6/9kg
2 Minute of Power Cleans @ 42.5/60kg
2 Minute of Wallballs @ 6/9kg
3 Minute of Power Cleans @ 42.5/60kg
3 Minute of Wallballs @ 6/9kg

* Scale WEIGHT as needed

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