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TEAM WOD/Competitors WOD – 04.01.13

Ive had alot of questions lately regarding supplements such as Pre/Post WOD shakes, Omega 3’s etc. These are what I certainly recommend and advocate. Firstly I recommend that Omega 3’s (unless you know you get enough in your diet) should be your most important supplement, theres lots of different brands out there but what I take and certainly advocate are PURE PHARMAs OMEGA 3’s, information on these can be found on the video below. CrossFit Teesside stocks PURE PHARMA Omega 3’s and you can purchase a 2 month supply for £20, just see one of the coaches.

In terms of Pre-WOD, I always make sure Ive consumed some good fats atleast an hour before my WOD, an example of this would be a handful of cashews. A good Pre-WOD shake would be KRATOS, we also stock this; however different people have seen different results, it certainly perks you up before a WOD!!

In terms of POST WOD, the shake I go for is PROGENEX RECOVERY mixed with MORE MUSCLE.



In a 20 minute window perform the following:

  • Run 800m (400m each)
  • 100 H/R Press ups
  • Run 400m (200m each)
  • 100 Static Lunges
  • Run 800m (400m each)
  • 100 Sit ups

In remaining time AMRAP:

  • BURPEE’s 😉


Please remember the Competitors WOD runs at 19:00 and is open to anybody who is competitively orientated.

Warm up


Burgerner Warm up


Take 15 minutes to establish a 1 RM Clean n Jerk

rest 5 mins

21-15-9 reps for time of:

  • Power Clean @ 42.5kg/60kg
  • Pull ups

TIME CAP – 12 minutes.

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