Workout of the Day

TEAM WOD – 04.11.11 “Partner skills test”

Warm up

Stretch and mobilise, partners chosen randomly.


Part A-Cardio Endurance/Stamina/Speed

  • 4 x 200m sprints (2 each) rest whilst partner is running.(overall time taken is the score.)

Part B- Accuracy

  • 4 minute AMRAP of wall balls. Score is total reps achieved

Part C-Co-ordination

  • 4 minute AMRAP Double unders (4-1 singles) Score is total reps halved. (if doing singles then divide the total reps by 4 and then half them for your score.

Part D-Power/Flexibility

  • Max distance Broad jump out of 3 attempts each. (score is both distances added together.)

Part E-Strength

  • Take 3 mins each to establish one rep max Shoulder press.

Part F- Balance/Agility

  • One legged overhead plate hold for aslong as possible-10kg/20kg. Score is time added together.

Total score is all scores added together.