Workout of the Day

Team WOD 02-09-11

Warm up

800m Run, Stretch and band mobility

Work on Kettlebell swing tekkers going upto a heavy weight.

Tyre flip tekkers.


15 minute AMRAP (in pairs drawn from a hat)

One team member will run 200m while the other does as many Kettlebell swings as possible, once the running team member returns they then start swinging whilst the other runs 200m. This is repeated for 15 minutes, the teams full score will equal the amout of Kettlebell swings achieved in the 15 minute window.

The prescribed weight is 16kg/24kg; however this can obviously be scaled. So if the team is 2 males then the combined prescribed weight should be 48kg, if its 2 females then it’ll equal 32kg, if its a male and a female it’ll equal 40kg.

Finisher (optional)

100m individual tyre flip for the time

Please wear an old T-shirt incase you get dirty from the tyre 🙂


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