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Outdoor WOD 29.06.2020

First of all, we would like to once again thank all of our members for their continued support during the last three months while we have been closed, and also, thank you all for the speedy return of the loaned equipment back to the box this last week.

As you know, plans were in place to have you all back in the box again from the 4th of July, but unfortunately, these have had to be placed on hold for now, but we are hoping that we won’t have to wait too much longer. However, although it won’t quite be the same, we are extremely excited to be able to run some outdoor classes for you starting this week!

Apologies to those who have not yet been able to book onto one of this weeks outdoor classes, the rules which are currently in place that only allow us to have 10 people per class, are frustrating, but we assure you it is only for the next five days, and as from the 4th July on Saturday, the capacity of our classes will significantly increase!


Here is some information about what to expect if you participate in a class this week, and some guidelines to follow to help us run them safely and smoothly!

1. Please DO NOT park in the spaces in front of our units, and DO NOT park in front of anyone else’s units. Use the little car park at the side of our building, or the spaces at the very top of the car park.

2. You will NOT be permitted to use the changing rooms, so please come ready to jump straight in, the showers are also off limits. However, you will be allowed to use the toilet, please stick to the ones in the far corner.

3. If you are bringing anything with you, keep it in a small bag, so it can be placed at the back of your workout station and won’t take up space.

4. Whatever kit we are using for the daily WOD, will be all placed at the roller doors for you to select and take to your station before we begin, there is also a station here containing blue roll, spray bottles to clean kit after use, and hand sanitiser.

5. If you need a piece of equipment which is not there, for example a different weight, please ask one of the coaches, and we will bring it to the roller door for you.

6. We wont be providing chalk for hands, or chalk to mark down rounds, feel free to bring your own personal supply if you have it, and a notepad or counters if you need them to keep track during the workout.

7. Feel free to bring something like a yoga mat to workout on, although we will NOT have you doing anything that involves getting down on the ground. We will NOT be using any mats from inside the box.

8. The WOD programmed for our outdoor classes, will also be one that can be done at home (or we will provide modifications to make it into a Home WOD), we will also still be programming extra Running WODs and Accessories that can be completed at home!

9. The equipment we will be using, and the variety of exercises we can do compared to when inside the box will be limited, however, we will have plenty of movements to choose from, and we will be as creative as we can to ensure we provide you with some quality WOD’s. Training will be as effective as always!

10. We are looking forward to using the Rowers, Bikes and even Ski Ergs, in the outdoor WODs! However, these will only be in use when the weather is dry, as we don’t want them to become damaged in wet weather.

11. If you don’t mind getting wet while working out, neither do we, so classes will still be going ahead as planned if it is raining!


Here is Monday’s Outdoor WOD!

Warm Up:
Run 800m
Stretch & Mobilise

Movement Demonstrations & Practice

5 Rounds of:

In 3 Minutes:
Run 200m
In remaining time AMRAP:
7 Left Arm DB Thrusters @ 15/22.5kg
7 Right Arm DB Thrusters @ 15/22.5kg
7 Left Arm DB Bent Over Rows @ 15/22.5kg
7 Right Arm DB Bent Over Rows @ 15/22.5kg

Rest 1 Minute

* Scale WEIGHT & DISTANCE as needed
* If can’t Run due to Injury, switch to:
– Rowing (weather dependant)
– 100m Farmers Carry or Plate Carry


Home WOD Instructions:
* If you do not have the equipment to complete this WOD at home, switch the AMRAP to 14 Air Squats & 14 Press Ups
* If you can’t Run, switch to:
– 35 Double Unders or 70 Single Unders
– 50m Bear Crawl
– 100m Object Carry


40 Seconds of Hollow Rocks
20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds of Strict Sit Ups (hands behind head)
20 Seconds Rest
x 3


Running WOD:
Run 2 Miles
Rest 5 Minutes
Run 2 Miles

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