Workout of the Day


Today is an Open Gym day. Opening Hours are the same as every other week day, however there are no set classes and no programmed WOD. Use today to Catch Up on a WOD that you have missed, hit some Strength Training, work on your Gymnastic or Olympic Lifting technique, or spend some time in the Mobility Corner. If you have worked hard all week so far… take a well earned Rest Day!

Important notice regarding a slight temporary change of schedule.

As some of you may be aware the 2014 CrossFit Games OPEN starts in 24 hours, the first qualifier WOD will be released at midnight (UK time) on Thursday 27th, each of the 5 qualifiers will be released on a Thursday night. To give our athletes the best possible shot of completing their workout we are making a slight change to our schedule for the duration of the 5 weeks.

TEAM WOD will now be programmed on a THURSDAY starting on THURSDAY 6th March and then the FRIDAY will become an “OPEN GYM/CATCH UP session. But Please don’t think you cant come in on a Friday and catch up on TEAM WOD, it just wont be ran as a structured class, it will be a structured class on the Thursday. Also just because you aren’t registered in the OPEN please don’t think you cant come in and support your athletes and get a taste for what goes on during “OPEN” season, it will inspire you for next year if you haven’t entered this year.

Apologies if this has caused anybody any dramas or problems, it will only be in place for 4 weeks from the 6th March and then things will go back to normal.

Instructions for athletes in the “OPEN

We will give you the best possible opportunity to complete your OPEN WOD, as of Friday 7th MARCH we will run an OPEN GYM every Friday, this will be an ideal opportunity for you to get judged. We will also endeavour to run a 2 hour OPEN GYM every Sunday in order for you to complete/repeat your WOD then. Tomorrows (Friday 28th) competitor WOD will be programmed WOD 14.1.

Your scores need to be submitted no later then 9pm on each following Monday in order for the coaches to verify them, please don’t push this timing, its important they are in on time. If you feel like you have a shot of making Regional qualification or feel like you can put up a top score then don’t forget to have your WOD recorded. 🙂

So far we have 43 registered athletes which is awesome!!!!!

On a personal point of view I’m hoping the WODs are kind to me, I can work around my injury, qualify and represent Teesside at Regionals again. I also think we have an excellent shot at securing a TEAM place this year, our athletes are in fine form and will not be out of place in Copenhagen!!! Good luck guys, Lee.

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We are now using TeamUp for booking into classes

You can get the app from the App Store or Google Play or you can use the Booking Page page to login to TeamUp