Workout of the Day

Open Gym – “25/07/2013”

Today is OPEN GYM Day, use today to catch up on a WOD you have missed, practice your techniques, stretch & mobilise or hit some active rest!

On Sunday July 28th we will celebrate CrossFit Teesside’s 2nd Birthday, we will also use this as an opportunity to celebrate the expansion of the box. The plan will be to get together at the box at about 11am, throw down some WODs maybe a Team event or an Olympic lifting/CrossFit throwdown. On completion will we will get the BBQ out, grill some meat and toast CrossFit Teesside’s 2nd Birthday.

In the near future we will be running some extra classes on the weekends which will focus specifically on the Olympic Lifts. The plan is to run a 12 week course, 6 weeks dedicated to the Snatch, and 6 weeks dedicated to the Clean & Jerk. During the course we will focus on lifting technique and strength, you will be taken through the lifts step by step in detail, sessions will advance progressively week by week.
These will be run outside of the usual box opening times as small group based sessions. The course will be priced at £60 per person for the full course, once we have an idea of how many people are interested in taking part we will provide full details on class times. The plan is to run 1 or more sessions on a Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
If you are interested in taking part in these sessions please comment on the Facebook post or speak to me in the box(Coach B), send me a facebook message (David Butterfield), or email [email protected]

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We are now using TeamUp for booking into classes

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