Workout of the Day

Open Gym 21.01.2016

A few people have been asking questions about the supplements we sell so here is a breakdown and the benefits.

* Pure Pharma OMEGA 3 – £25

Great for the Heart,Brain,Eyes and the individuals overall health. Helps prevent DOMS and inflammation and improves Oxygen delivery!

*Pure Pharma Vitamin D – £13

Improves the individuals immune system, keeps our bones strong and reduces the risk of osteoporosis

*Pure Pharma Magnesium 3 £18

Improves muscle function, enhances recovery and reduces fatigue due to its ability to improve sleep patterns

*GLC2000 super strength Glucosamine £44

Fights joint pain and reduces arthritis

* Blonyx Creatine+HMB £35

Increases and speeds up strength development whilst improving muscle repair in strength training individuals


Perfect post workout,easy to drink shake. 26g of whey protein isolate,essential carbs and added Creatine,glutamine and HMB as well as electrolytes,vitamins and minerals.

See a coach to purchase or discuss any of these products.


Today is “OPEN GYM” day. The box is open at the usual times, however there are no set classes. Use today to Catch Up on a recent WOD you have missed. Today is an ideal opportunity to come in and practice your Technique, or hit some Strength Training in the lifting section. If you are feeling beat up from the past few days of training, come and get your Stretch on in the Mobility Corner or take a well earned Rest Day 🙂

A new addition to Thursdays “Open Gym” is the “Thursday Beast WOD” (aka “Throw Up Thursdays). This is an endurance based WOD which stays clear of all things technical, it will include things like Running, Rowing & Skiing. You may find yourself also flipping tyres and carrying things, possibly even the occasional trip up “The Hill”.

There are still no set classes on a Thursday, this is just something that you will find on the Whiteboard along with all the other catch up WODs from this week. If this is something you like the sound of then feel free to come in and crack on (there is usually a group doing this at 8:30am & 9:30am, and a couple of groups going for it in the evening). We will be alternating between an Interval style workout and a good old fashioned long Slog on a weekly basis, it will not be posted the night before, so come prepared for all situations

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