Workout of the Day

Open Gym 11.10.2019

Today is “Open Gym”.

As always there will be a “Beast WOD” programmed which usually consists of some longer Cardio. Open Gym is an ideal opportunity to Catch Up on a WOD you have missed from earlier in the week. It is also a change to get in an hit some Strength Training or Technique Practice!

For those of you who are signed up to “The Open”. This is your best chance to get in a be “Judged” for the WOD, whatever it may be. Remember that the Open WODs get released in the early hours of Friday morning, have a look at it when you wake up (if you don’t fancy staying up late to watch it live), it will also be written up on the Whiteboard at the Box. The 7am and 12:30pm sessions will be run similar to the classes, with a breakdown of the workout before setting up and judging each other for the workout. At all other times, we will have a heat system going, any help with judging is as always, greatly appreciated!

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