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Open Gym 09.07.2015

CrossFit Teesside – Dawn till Dusk Roseberry Topping Challenge

One of our members Andy Moss sadly lost his little boy Archie last year. Archie was born at 25 weeks, 15 weeks early weighing only 1lb 10oz. Although he was a fighter and overcame many hurdles, after 46 days it was one hurdle too many and he passed away in his mummy’s arms on 10th November 2014 in the RVI Hospital in Newcastle. Both Andy and Carrie stayed at Crawford House which is funded by the Sick Children’s Charity. Without them they would have had to stay in a hotel miles away from where Archie was.

To raise money for this, charity our owner and coach Lee Howe, Head Coach Dave Butterfield and 3 of our members Andy Moss, Paul Briggs, and Anthony Chisman are going to AMRAP (as many runs as possible) up and down Roseberry Topping (which is 1,049 feet high) from Dawn till Dusk on Saturday 25th July in a relay. Anyone is welcome to come and join us during the challenge, whether you want to take part all day, jump in for a few relays or just come and show your support, your help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you to those who have donated so far, if you would still like to donate to this great cause, the Link is posted below.


One For The People Competition Leeds – Saturday 11th July 2015

This is a 2 person Team Competition in Leeds which CrossFit Teesside are taking part in. We have 3 Teams, Owner Lee Howe & Head Coach David Butterfield, Kord Mannion & Yusuf Warsama, Malcolm Stephenson & Josh Brown!

This is an outdoor Competition which is held on a Rugby Field in Leeds, all teams will complete 4 Workouts. If you would like to come and watch, the information about the venue and start time is below, plus a link to spectator tickets which are £5.

Leo’s Rugby Club, Crag Lane, Leeds, LS17 5PR, United Kingdom. Saturday 11th July 2015. Start Time = 8:00am


Today is “OPEN GYM” day. The box is open at the usual times, however there are no set classes. Use today to Catch Up on a recent WOD you have missed. Today is an ideal opportunity to come in and practice your Technique, or hit some Strength Training in the lifting section. If you are feeling beat up from the past few days of training, come and get your Stretch on in the Mobility Corner or take a well earned Rest Day 🙂

A new addition to Thursdays “Open Gym” is the “Thursday Beast WOD” (aka “Throw Up Thursdays). This is an endurance based WOD which stays clear of all things technical, it will include things like Running, Rowing & Skiing. You may find yourself also flipping tyres and carrying things, possibly even the occasional trip up “The Hill”.

There are still no set classes on a Thursday, this is just something that you will find on the Whiteboard along with all the other catch up WODs from this week. If this is something you like the sound of then feel free to come in and crack on (there is usually a group doing this at 8:30am & 9:30am, and a couple of groups going for it in the evening). We will be alternating between an Interval style workout and a good old fashioned long Slog on a weekly basis, it will not be posted the night before, so come prepared for all situations

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