Workout of the Day

Open Gym – 05.06.2014

Today is “OPEN GYM” day. The box is open at the usual times, however there are no set classes. Use today to Catch Up on a recent WOD you have missed. Today is an ideal opportunity to come in and practice your Technique, or hit some Strength Training in the lifting section. If you are feeling beat up from the past few days of training, come and get your Stretch on in the Mobility Corner or take a well earned Rest Day 🙂

If you didn’t see it on the Facebook page, on July 27th JoLee CrossFit are hosting an interbox Competition which is going to be held at CrossFit Telic. The Competition is open to any members of CrossFit DL21DL, CrossFit Jacana, CrossFit Telic, Crossfit 4th Avenue and of course CrossFit Teesside! It is £10 to enter and will include 4 – 5 WOD’s to tackle. There are 50 Male individual spots available & 50 Female spots available, there is now also a seperate Masters division. It is first come first served, if you would like to be part of it then please send a message to [email protected] or send Lee a message. The day is sure to be a great community event which will be lots of fun, if you would like a taste of Competetive CrossFit then why not give it a try?

Some more Rest Day motivation below!

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