Workout of the Day

Open Gym 02.08.2018

Thursday is Open Gym Day. The Box is open at the usual times which are listed below, however there are no set classes.

Opening Hours:
7:00am – 10:30am Open Gym
10:30am – 12:30pm CLOSED
12:30pm – 1:30pm Open Gym
1:30pm – 4:00pm CLOSED
4:00pm – 8:00pm Open Gym

When you come in on a Thursday there will be no “Whiteboard Brief” or a set class that you will be taken through, however there are still plenty of things to do!

Check out the main Whiteboard for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday’s WODs which you could catch up on. If you have already completed these workouts or just fancy something different, then Thursday’s “Beast” WOD will also be written up there. This is usually a none technical workout which lasts a longer than your average class WOD, but is mainly Cardio based which means even if your feeling a little beat up, its a great option which will get your body moving again and also give your “Engine” a good run out!

As well as the main Whiteboard, check out the “Engine Board” which is located behind the Assault Bikes. Here you will have a choice of four different Interval Training WOD’s which can be performed on either the Bikes, Rowers, or Ski Ergs, as well as Running! Again, perfect when you don’t want to put your body through anything too strenuous, but perfect when wanting to give your Heart & Lungs a good blast and burn plenty of energy!

On top of the above, there are also two further Whiteboards at the back of the Box behind the lifting platforms. Here you will find our two separate Strength programmes which are updated weekly. So if you want to lift some Weights and work on your overall Strength this is the place to be. If your new to this then please stick to the “Beginners” board, if you have been doing this for a while, then you may be ready for the “Intermediate” board.

Finally is you don’t fancy anything written up on a Whiteboard, and you would prefer to just practice a few things, or even have a stretch out in the Mobility Corner, then feel free to do so at your own pace, as Thursdays are very relaxed!

A Coach will be around in case you need advise or reminding of something, don’t be afraid to shout up! If we don’t see you in the Box today, enjoy a well earned Rest (sometimes your body needs it), and we will hopefully see you for Team WOD on Friday!!!!

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