DPP Nutrition Course

Why do CrossFitters come to me for an individual nutrition plan?

Most crossfitters I meet have read a book or two on clean eating or macros! They know enough to know that calories in vs calories out matter when it comes to fat loss. Some have tried calorie counting apps and TDEE calculators to work macros out themselves yet still come to me because something just not right? There not stripping the fat? Not getting leaner? Performance is not improving?

The truth is that these apps and calculators are based on generic data and are not personalised to your needs, two CrossFitters that weigh the same, are the same age and same height, but one might super scale the wods and the other might RX them all so their calories/macro needs will be different right? but an app won’t tell you that!! Add into the mix age, gender and any medical conditions or symptoms and BMR alters again!

This is when I find most CrossFitters manage well all week but then need to eat the entire contents of the fridge every weekend because they are starving!!

I like to think I teach you a lifestyle change not a ‘fad diet’ so we use the 80/20% principle!! 80% Nutrition 20% Exercise.

DPP Nutrition plan is a 8 week course that is split into 2 phases:

Phase 1: THE 21 DAY POT PLAN ~Tailor made to your individual needs for fat loss, performance or bulking. 21 days is No alcohol, low sugar and high protein and fibre. It  helps stabilises sugar levels and helps reset BMR (this is often in crisis if you’ve had years of dieting)

It is a Macronutrient, calorie controlled nutrition plan provided  in coloured portion pots to easily measure macros without the need to weigh/ track or calorie count so makes it easy and simple to do.

Phase 1 includes:

  • Food list provided so no eating foods you dislike
  • Family friendly and inexpensive to do.
  • Facebook support group, (search for DPP nutrition support group) with recipe ideas and and top tips.
  • Email Nutrition pack with top tips and recipes
  • The 21 day diary
  • weekly support via email
  • Facebook support group with over 200 members to share tips, advice and recipes

Phase 2: Post 21 days macros are reset depending on results and goals following your 21 days and may include CARB CYCLING if necessary

Hitting all your macros ensures all you micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) are reached, this drastically improves your energy, wellbeing, work, sleep, confidence and training!!

What this plan will do:

  • You will loose body fat
  • its high in fibre it improves bowel habits
  • Stabilises your blood sugars which in turn increase your metabolic rate

Once your plan has been formulated this is either emailed to you directly or you can attend a ‘pot plan seminar’ these are held the first Tuesday of every month at 6pm at CrossFit Teesside.

Once you have finished your 21 days you return for 1-1 post measurements results and I recalculate you macros depending on the results.

The price for the 8 week course is £90 with a 50% deposit taken to secure your place.