Workout of the Day

Home WOD 31.05.2020

Today’s Home WOD should be a very easy paced workout, after a tough week of training, if you feel like you need to take a full rest day then go for it, relax, do some stretching and mobilising, maybe get out for some fresh air for a walk. If you would still like to get some movement in (which could help you to loosen off if your a little sore and tight), take yourself through this WOD at a smooth pace, don’t go crazy on it!


3 Rounds at Low Intensity:
2 Minutes of Box Step Ups
2 Minutes of Double Unders or Single Unders
2 Minutes of Hollow Rock Practice

* Scale Hollow Rocks to a Hollow Hold, or Plank Hold
* If you can’t Skip switch for Shoulder Taps in a Press Up position or Pike position


Check out the video below which follows some Scandinavian CrossFit Athletes battling it out in an old school Competition in Copenhagen.


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