Workout of the Day

Home WOD 28.04.2020

Warm Up:

“Death By”

1st Minute = 1 Rep
2nd Minute = 2 Reps
3rd Minute = 3 Reps
… etc

* Continue for as long as possible, until you can no longer complete the required amount of Reps within that Minute
* Your score is the last full Set of Burpees you complete + any extra Reps you get in the next Minute before the clock beats you


Max Press Ups (unbroken set)
immediately into:
Bent Over Row 15 – 20 Reps
Rest 3 Minutes
x 5

* If you can do more than 5 Reps of a full Press Up do those, if not then you can Scale to your Knees
* Bent Over Row can be done with a Barbell, DB’s, KB’s or Shopping Bags, if you only have one, complete a Set with your weaker Arm first, then switch straight to your other Arm and hit the same amount of Reps


Running WOD:
Run 400m
Rest 3 Minutes
Run 800m
Rest 3 Minutes
Run 1 Mile

* Scale DISTANCE to 200m, 400m & 800m if needed
* If can’t measure Distance, Run for 2 Minutes, 4 Minutes & 8 Minutes


Check out the video below for your full Whiteboard Brief!

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