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Home WOD 21.11.2020

Below is our Zoom Class schedule, take note of the “MEETING ID” and “PASSCODE” that you will need to access these sessions, which are for our members only.

Meeting ID = 769 7921 7449
Passcode = TpiC4N

Monday – Friday:


There are no Zoom classes on a Sunday, but a Home WOD will still be programmed.


Warm Up:
Run 800m or 300 Double Unders

5 Rounds of:

In 3 Minutes:
Run 400m
In the remaining time AMRAP:
10 Alternating Jumping Lunges
10 Push Press

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds

* Carry each AMRAP on from where you got up too last time!

* Scale DISTANCE if needed (at least 30 seconds on AMRAP)
* Switch Run for 50 Double Unders or 150 Single Unders or 50 Sit Ups if needed

Options for Push Press:
– Barbell (Max Weight = 30/40kg)
– Double DB or KB
– Single Arm DB or KB (5 on each arm)
– Weighted Pack
– Handstand Push Ups or Pikes


Core WOD:
30 Seconds Hollow Hold
30 Seconds Russian Twist
1 Minute Plank
1 Minute Rest
x 3


Check out the video below for your full Whiteboard Brief!

Jumping Lunge Demo

Push Press Demo


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