Workout of the Day

Home WOD 20.05.2020

Today’s Home WOD is another “Birthday WOD”, we would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to big Darren “Besty” Best who is celebrating his 50th today! We hope you enjoy today’s WOD!

Warm Up:
30 Seconds of Step Ups
30 Seconds of Jogging on Spot
30 Seconds of Lunges
30 Seconds of Star Jumps
x 2
Stretch & Mobilise

Options for today’s WOD:

Alternating Box Step Ups:
2 x Kettlebells or Dumbbells
1 x Kettlebell or Dumbbell
Weighted Pack
No Weight

Alternating Lunges:
Barbell Front or Back Rack
2 x Kettlebell or Dumbbell
Single Arm Overhead (DB, KB, or Pack)
Goblet (DB, KB or Pack)
Plate Overhead
No Weight


20 Minute AMRAP of:
50 Alternating Box Step Ups
Run 400m
50 Alternating Lunges
Run 400m

* Scale DISTANCE to a 200m if needed
* if can’t Run, switch to:
– 50 Double Unders or 100 Single Unders
– 100m Bear Crawl
– 200m Object Carry


Check out the video below for your full Whiteboard Brief!

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