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Home WOD 15.04.2020

Today’s Home WOD is a double “Birthday WOD” for two of our members who are turning 36 today! Happy Birthday to Liz Myers and Nicola Holman from everyone at CrossFit Teesside! We hope you enjoy this 36 themed workout!!!


Warm Up:
Shadow “Junk Yard Dog”
Stretch & Mobilise

Kit Set Up & Movement Practice
(check out our YouTube for exercise demos)

Please remember that today’s Clean & Jerk is from the HANG position (not from floor) with whichever piece of kit you are using! (Barbell, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Weighted Back Pack)

If using a Barbell or 2 x objects for today’s Weighted movements perform 36 Reps, if you only have 1 x object however, complete 18 Reps on one side, and 18 Reps on the other.

Maximum Barbell Hang Clean & Jerk Weight = 30/42.5kg


36 Minute AMRAP of:
36 Hang Clean & Jerks
36 Box Jumps
36 Bent Over Rows
36 Burpees

* If havn’t got a Box, can perform Broad Jumps or Vertical Jumps instead
* If can’t Jump then can perform Step Ups instead


Check out the video below for your full Whiteboard Brief!

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