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If you’re interested in getting started at CrossFit Teesside (Teesside’s FIRST CrossFit facility) then the best thing to do is come down to the box (CrossFit gyms are refered to as boxes) during an ‘open gym session’ and see what goes on. We’ll have a coffee, explain everything to you and answer any questions you may have. You will then have the opportunity to play with any of the equipment and watch an ongoing class. From here you can participate in a ‘FREE TASTER SESSION’ or alternatively book one for the following day/week.

FREE taster session

Get in touch now to book your FREE TASTER SESSION. We’ll warm up, introduce you to some of the basic movements, and then carry out a small ‘scaled WOD’ in order for you to experience CrossFit first hand. Contact Us now to book your place.

Introduction to CrossFit course ‘ON RAMP’

At CrossFit Teesside we provide an introduction course called the ‘ON RAMP’. It is essential that every individual completes the ‘ON RAMP’ before entering into the CrossFit classes. The ‘ON RAMP’ consists of 6 x 1 hour sessions completed over a 2 week period. These sessions will essentially introduce you to the 9 fundamental movements we use in CrossFit. First we will introduce technique and the mechanics of the movement, then we practice to ensure the technique is consistent and flawless and only then do we introduce intensity. It is vital you attend all 6 sessions as the movements build up on each other. At the end of each session there will be a WOD (workout of the day) which will increase in difficulty over the course of the 6 sessions.

Each ‘ON RAMP’ course will start and finish with the CrossFit Teesside benchmark WOD. We guarantee you will see a significant improvement in your performance from your first session to your last.

The ON RAMP course is the perfect way to be exposed to the community of CrossFit Teesside; you will meet like minded individuals, make new friendships and share experiences together. Once you complete the ON RAMP you will be free to attend any of the CrossFit class’s, but you won’t be left to your own devices, at CrossFit Teesside we will continually coach you and help you develop.

The ON RAMP course starts on the first and third Monday of every month.

Private one on one ‘ON RAMP’

We understand that some people may not have the time for a 2 week ON RAMP, for this reason we have the private one on one ‘ON RAMP’ which serves as a fast track into the group CrossFit Classes. This is also ideal for people who may not feel ready to enter the group ‘ON RAMP’. Over 3 x 1 hour sessions of just you and the coach you will cover all 9 fundamental movements and become proficient and confident enough to step into the CrossFit classes. This can be completed as an individual or as partners.

CrossFit classes

These classes are available to anybody who has already completed the ‘ON RAMP’ or are from another affiliate. If you are already proficient in CrossFit then please come down, meet the coach and have an assessment. Please don’t be offended if we feel you could benefit from the ON RAMP.