Extra Training

Extra Training w/c 12.06.2021


“Continuous Cycle”
Day 1:
1 Rep Max Pause Front Squat
Bench Press 3 x 8 Reps @ 67-77%
Ring Row 3 x Max Reps

Day 2:
Back Squat 4 x 6 Reps @ 72-82%
Shoulder Press 5 x 5 Reps @ 75-85%
Deadlift 4 x 7 Reps @ 70-80% (Touch & Go Reps)


Strict Gymnastics

Every 30 Seconds for 11 Minutes @ 15% + 1 Rep Per Minute (15% of Max Unbroken Reps)

(add 1 Rep per Minute, NOT every 30 Seconds)
(only completed once per week for a selected exercise)

Choose from below exercises:
Pull Up
Chest to Bar Pull Up
Ring Pull Up
Ring Row
Press Up
Ring Press Up
Ring Dip
Handstand Push Up


Kipping Gymnastics

This is a continuously running Kipping Gymnastics Programme which you can jump in and out of at any time. Just make sure you know your Max Unbroken Reps before you do!

Every 20 Seconds for 10 Minutes @ 10% (10% of Max Unbroken Reps)

(only complete once per week for a selected exercise)

Use for any of the Exercises below:
Pull Ups
Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Ring or Bar Muscle Ups
Toes to Bar
Handstand Push Ups
Ring Dips


Lower Body Accessories

Glute-Ham Raise 3 x 10-15 Reps
Back Extension 3 x 10-15 Reps


Upper Body Accessories

Strict Chin Ups 3 x 10-15 Reps
Ring Press Ups 3 x 10-15 Reps
Preacher Curl 3 x 10-15 Reps Each Arm
One Arm DB Skull Crusher 3 x 10-15 Reps Each Arm



45 Seconds On
45 Seconds Off
x 10-20
(Hard Effort)

Sprint 7/10 Calories:
Then Rest 2 Minutes
x 2-4
(Maximum Effort)

20/25 Calories
Rest 2 Minutes
x 5-10
(Very Hard Effort)


In 90 Seconds:
Run 200m
Rest Remaining Time
x 8-16
(Hard Effort)

Run 800m
Rest 1 Minute
Run 1 Mile
Rest 2 Minutes
Run 2 Mile
(Consistent Pace)

Maximum Effort = As fast as possible!

Very Hard Effort = Almost all out, set off at a pace that you wouldn’t expect to last for long, this should be very painful!

Hard Effort = Quite a quick pace, but you should feel like when rest periods are involved, you will be able to maintain it!

Consistent Pace = This is a pace that feels comfortable, you should be able to keep this going for quite a while!


Olympic Weightlifting

2 x Hang Power Snatch EMOTM x 10 @ 70-75%
Snatch Pulls 5 x 3 Reps

2 Rep Max Squat Clean
2 Rep Max Push Jerk



Hollow Hold:
10 Seconds On
10 Seconds Off
x 10-15

30 Second Arch Hold
30 Seconds of Flutter Kicks
x 3-5


Competitor WOD

12-9-6 Reps for Time of:
Squat Cleans @ 60/85kg
Push Jerks @ 60/85kg

* Scale WEIGHT as needed