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Expansion plans update

Expansion Plans Update

Its no secret that CrossFit Teesside plans to expand its floor space, this is solely due to demand from the public. After being in our second box for 12 months we have quickly out grew it, the classes are becoming busier than ever and with more and more people getting on strength and Olympic lifting programmes either pre or post WOD  the floor space and lifting space is becoming really busy. Id like to thank each and every one of you for your patience and consideration, not only with me but also with each other.

The Plan

After working my way through securing the planning consent which was aided massively by all of those who wrote letters of support, I’ve just signed the pre-heads of terms on the new lease. The plan is to knock the whole of the dividing wall down between our current box and unit 60D (to our left as you look at it). When this will take place I’m unsure but I expect it to happen within in the next 4-6 weeks. This will cause a short disruption to classes but I will keep this as a minimum, it may mean some outdoor WODs for a few days. Once the wall goes through our floor space will be increased by 50%. The toilet and changing rooms will be mirrored on the other side giving us separate facilities for Ninjas and Ninjettes 🙂 The Gymnastic rig will increase in size a further 3-4 stations. The far end of our new space will be solely dedicated to Olympic/Power lifting with 8 platforms running back to back. More equipment will be purchased, all of what we have now and extra toys including plenty of Ski-Ergs 🙂

What does this mean to you as members??

You are going to be provided with one of the best well-rounded CrossFit facilities in the Country. You will be able to utilise the lifting area during a class as long as the class doesn’t need it. That means you can hit your strength or Olympic lifting programme either Pre/Post WOD on most visits to the box.


This is going to be a big Summer for CrossFit Teesside, continue to Post your Statuses/Pictures and Videos in order to attract more and more members because the Business will need them to deal with the growth.

Again, Thanks for your patience guys, please bear with me for the next 2-3 months, I assure you things are happening and the box will become better and better.


Lee Howe

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