Workout of the Day


Here are some announcements that I may forget to tell you when your at the box.

1) John Taylors WOD book – Caroline has kindly arranged for a picture book detailing the HERO WOD for John Taylor to be sent to his family. The book is currently on my desk and there is a few spare pages to write and thoughts or kind messages. Im sure Caroline will be sending it soon so dont delay in writing your messages if you wish to write one.

2) Christmas night out – I know its miles away but Nicola Clement and Caroline are running with the organising of this event, theres a box on my desk where you can leave your deposit, theres also a menu option sheet.

3) Saturdays WOD for September 1st – Because of the Nutrition Seminar taking place at the box this Saturday there will only be ONE class on Saturday morning and that will be 09:30am-10:30am.

4) Box Ettiquette – While Im on with announcements I just want to remind you all to PLEASE make sure that you spray and wipe all of your sweat pools and chalk marks when you are finished with the WOD. Please do this properly rather than just a casual wipe. Also PLEASE stack the Kettlebells and Bumper plates as neat as possible, The KBs need to be stacked in weight order and the bumper plates shouldnt resemble the leaning tower of pisa 🙂 PLEASE all of you take responsibility for this and make sure they stay neat. There will soon be a rack fitted for the bars to keep them neat.

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