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An excellent Testimonial from Nick Howes

Does CrossFit work ?

I am a 39 year old and with the big 4-0 just around the corner. With 2 young kids now part of my life, the time had come to be fitter and healthier than I was at 21.

The last nine months have been hard work, frustrating, eye opening, at times painful but above all a lot of fun !!

With the help and encouragement of Coach B, Lee, Callum, Ben and Ports, I have lost over 5 1/2 stone, dropped from a 44″ waist to a 36″ and gone from a 21″ collar shirt to a 17.5″.

Rx’ing FRAN seemed impossible in February when jumping pull ups were a struggle. Nine months later that box is ticked and a PB is there to be beaten – burpees, although still hateful, are getting quicker and running ….. well running still sucks !!

The next milestones ? Double unders continue to frustrate me and pistols are still well and truly in their holsters…….for now anyway.

So YES, CrossFit does work, and it works REALLY well as long as you are prepared to work as hard as it works you !!!

Nick before CrossFit.

Nick on the left 9 months after starting CrossFit.

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