Workout of the Day

WOD-08.03.12 “Catch up/Rest up/OPEN WOD 12.3”

REST DAY/ Active recovery

Active recovery would involve a light row/run, plenty of stretches and mobilisation.

Remember you can still come in and catch up on any missed WODs during the week.

Alternatively you can have a bash at OPEN WOD 12.3. HOWEVER THE 12.3 WOD will be programmed for SATURDAY morning 🙂

Some of you may be following the blog  or facebook page “Barefoot coconut”. Its a really well written blog rammed with a wealth of information regarding all things clean eating/PALEO. Barefoot Coconut has begun making plans to run workshops at various CrossFit Affilliates with CrossFit Teesside being one of them. Below is an outline of the workshop with the proposed date being Saturday 5th May.

Barefoot Coconut workshop

Nutrition is without a doubt fundamental in achieving good health and optimal performance in training. No matter what the goal of yourself and your gym members, whether it is for general wellbeing, a healthy family, training hard, training for a sport, training to compete in CrossFit, nutrition has to be made a priority in order to achieve the desired results.

The Barefoot Coconut Workshop introduces the key concepts of sports nutrition to your gym. During the workshop the attendees will learn the basics so they have a sound foundation on which to build on.

The workshop will be approximately 3 hours in duration and will include presentations and activities for the attendees to get involved in, during which here are some of the topics covered:

  • Eat for energy
  • The importance of hydration
  • Pre, during and post training nutrition
  • How to prepare food for training/events/competitions/general living
  • A guide on meal planning with a template

The group booking needs to be a minimum of 10 with a maximum of 15 people. Do not worry if more members want to sign up, a morning and afternoon workshop can be hosted.


CrossFit Teesside


Proposed – Saturday 5th May


£40 per person


  • A resources manual with recipes
  • A weekly nutrition plan template
  • One month free subscription to the Members Only Area on the Barefoot Coconut website which gives access to recipes, advice and Q&A
  • Kinetica Recovery Sample

Please come and see me if this is something that would intrest you. 🙂

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