Warm Up:
Row 200m
Ski 200m
Assault Bike 20/25 Calories
Stretch & Mobilise

Upper & Lower Body Mobility

Gymnastic Movement Tekkers & Practice

5 Rounds for Max Reps of:

20 Seconds of Chest to Bar Pull Ups
30 Seconds of Press Ups
40 Seconds of Alternating Pistol Squats

90 Seconds Rest

* Scale C2B PU’s for regular PU’s, Band Assisted or Jumping PU’s, or Ring Rows
* Scale Press Ups to Knees
* Scale Pistols for Post or Box Assisted Pistols
* Choose versions of the movements that you are confident with, although some of them may be technical and require a certain amount of thought and concentration, the aim will be to keep moving and make the most of the Intervals. This is NOT a workout, that is suitable for the practice, of a movement you have not yet got the hang of yet.


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