The CrossFit Teesside Difference


With over 50 Gyms, Bootcamps and exercise classes in Teesside there’s something for everyone. But while you’re here we’d like to tell you what sets CrossFit Teesside apart from the rest.


1) Family, Friendly atmosphere.

Since opening in August 2011, CrossFit Teesside has been led by Lee Howe with the support of his Mam, Dad, Sister and many friends including the coaching and support staff. Through it all they have focussed on keeping the facility family friendly by offering classes for all ages and promoting a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.


2) Top quality coaches.

We feel that one of the best ways we can support you is by continually improving our knowledge and passing that on to you. Our methods are constantly evolving to provide the most effective, safe and fun experience to our members. Our coaching staff has over 25 years coaching experience between them and take the upmost pride in their work. In fact, our Head Coach David Butterfield has in the past been hired by CrossFit Headquarters to train and develop coaches from other gyms around the world in Olympic Weightlifting.


3) Your safety is our first priority.

We believe in quality before quantity. Mechanics, then consistency and only then do we add intensity. We want things done right before we want them done fast and heavy. We want CrossFit to be part of your life for the long term and we do our best to help make that happen.


4) We focus on the long term development of our members.

This is anything but a fad. We believe what really makes someone stick with an exercise routine is regularly having new short term goals and ways to measure their improvement. Nothing is more motivating than accomplishing something you never thought possible! At our box under the guidance of the coaches you’ll follow a development process that helps you continue to get stronger and faster all while avoiding boredom and plateaus.

5) Our members will inspire you to be better.

We love seeing people challenge themselves and then succeed. In fact, we rate our success as a coaching staff by the success of our members. We have Doctors, students, mechanics, manual labourers, office workers, Professional sports men/women, police staff, fire fighters, NHS staff and all other professions working out together in the SAME class. The best part is, no matter their background, or what level of fitness they started at, they completely support each other and celebrate each others accomplishments. When you’re having a rough day or hard time in the gym, you’ll have a friend here who can get you through.




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