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Nick Howes

Does CrossFit work ?

I am a 39 year old and with the big 4-0 just around the corner. With 2 young kids now part of my life, the time had come to be fitter and healthier than I was at 21.

The last nine months have been hard work, frustrating, eye opening, at times painful but above all a lot of fun !!

With the help and encouragement of Coach B, Lee, Callum, Ben and Ports, I have lost over 5 1/2 stone, dropped from a 44″ waist to a 36″ and gone from a 21″ collar shirt to a 17.5″.

Rx’ing FRAN seemed impossible in February when jumping pull ups were a struggle. Nine months later that box is ticked and a PB is there to be beaten – burpees, although still hateful, are getting quicker and running ….. well running still sucks !!

The next milestones ? Double unders continue to frustrate me and pistols are still well and truly in their holsters…….for now anyway.

So YES, CrossFit does work, and it works REALLY well as long as you are prepared to work as hard as it works you !!!

Nick before CrossFit.

Nick on the left 9 months after starting CrossFit.

“Within weeks of starting CrossFit training I noticed a change in my body shape, fitness levels and a decrease in my weight. It has encourged me to maintain a healthier diet, and has helped my stamina levels and motivation to train. Its addictive!!!”

Eddie Holder, aged 67

Having been not sure about starting CrossFit and having watched a lot of the exercises as I am just across from The Box, I approached Lee and asked if there was an age limit and he soon let me know that CrossFit can be scaled for any age, so I decided to take the plunge and did the On Ramp last June.

From then to now has seen a massive change in how I feel in my health and fitness and the progress with the great help and assistance from Coach Dave and the encouragement from Lee and everyone in The Box.

I had done NO exercise since doing the Great North Run when I was 50 so it was a massive step for me but all I can say to go from lifting a 7kg barbell at the start to squatting 70kgs before Christmas on the Olympic Lifting course as Dave and Lee wanted me to lift a bit more than 1 kg per year of my age , to me is all I need to say what CrossFit has done for me, plus losing a stone in weight.

So I would like to say for anybody thinking CrossFit does not suit everybody or age, please take it from me it has been a great change for me. I am not saying that the WODs are easy ,they are not and what good would that be anyway. I RXD for the first time in December and the feeling is great and everybody on that class was great giving me even further encouragement.

To finish I would like to say thanks to Dave, Lee and all you CrossFitters that have helped me and I will carry on with it for as long as the body will take it .


Amanda Porteous, aged 35

CrossFit training is the best form of exercise we have ever done.  I am amazed at how positive an effect it has had on our lives and would recommend Lees training to everyone”

Husband and Wife, Mathew and Sandra Tearney, aged 42 and 50 respectively.  

Since my good friend Lee Howe introduced me to Crossfit i have never looked back.  Crossfit has helped me too lose 2 stone in body fat in the time i have been doing it.

It has also made my fitness go to levels it has never gone too before, taking 3 mins 30 seconds off my 5k record.  Even when i push my body to the limit the buzz that i get from doing crossfit can not be compared to any other exercise/sport i have ever done.  All i can say is give crossfit a go and believe me you will be hooked.

 Andrew Cornforth – Aged 29.

Since I started doing crossfit back in April, I would of never believed the effect it has on me, no other exercise that I’d done in the past comes close to it.  I generally feel fitter,stronger and healthier in myself.  Lee gives you confidence that you need, he is highly motivating and spurs you on at the challenges ahead along with my fellow crossfitters which I’ve never experienced before. Crossfit is the best all-round physical exercise I have ever experienced and I would urge anybody to give it a try and trust me, you will get as addicted as I have.

 Mark Lane, aged 36

I’m very proud to be part of the first CrossFit Teesside! I can honestly say I have never felt so well and fit! The sense off achievement when you have finished a W.O.D is immense. I have been going to a standard gym for 2 years (which i had to drag myself to! ) before I found CrossFit, within a few months I have found a difference in my body shape and a huge impact on my fitness levels, I’m totally hooked!  Once you come to CrossFit Teesside you will never look back I promise you!

Deborah Lowther, aged 38

My initial aim from CrossFit was weight loss. Not only am I still achieving this goal but much more, fitness, strength, inner belief and determination to name a few. CrossFit and above all Lee keep me motivated and going back for more. I am pushing myself to limits I never thought I could reach and enjoying it. I would certainly recommend CrossFit to anyone, give it a try….

Naomi  Hewett, aged 32. Paediatric nurse.

I started training with Lee in April and was amazed at how quickly my level of fitness improved. Crossfit is perfect for anyone who gets bored at the gym or does the same classes week in week out. It’s a varied workout that keeps you interested. Lee is a fab instructor and very motivational. Originally I signed up for just a 6 week course but this is definitely not a passing fad for me!
Alexandra NcNinch

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