#4 Making Health & Fitness a Priority, and setting Goals to stay Motivated!

Is getting to the Box, a priority for you?

One of the best things to see as a Coach in a CrossFit Box, is how much of a priority, getting in on a regular basis becomes for our members! We love that, deciding when your are able to train the following day, is high one the list of important decisions that need to be made, and what a fantastic decision it is to make!

I can often see, that when people are struggling to make it into the Box as much as they would like, they get frustrated, and rightly so! Because every time you come to the Box you are investing time in not just your Fitness, but your Health.

We totally understand that sometimes, things get in the way. We know that our members have jobs to go to, families to look after, and strangely enough, they do actually spend time with other human beings who don’t want to talk about CrossFit!

However, we would like to go back to a target that we usually set people when they first join, and what we speak about in the taster sessions, which is that you should aim for a minimum of three sessions a week.

That’s an hour of your day, three times a week.

Three hours from one hundred and sixty eight each week.

One hundred and fifty six hours, from eight thousand seven hundred and thirty six in the year!

If you make time for these hours, and dedicate them to your own Health and Fitness, they will no doubt in our minds, be some of the most important hours you are spending in your life!

Make time for you!

Taking part in regular Constantly Varied, Functional Movement performed at High Intensity, is such a simple but effective way, of increasing your ability to fight off potentially life threatening diseases and stay functional (be able to carry out all physical daily tasks without issue), throughout the whole of your life.

The three hours a week you can set aside for yourself and get into the Box, are the three hours a week that will keep you out of a nursing home, and make you live longer!

A few hours now, could literally add years!

What is your motivation, do you have a specific Goal?

CrossFit is a training methodology, which improves your General Physical Preparedness, it increases your ability to cope with any physical tasks which you may be faced with in your life, and as already discussed, in general, makes you Harder to Kill!

All you have to do to take advantage of this is continue to turn up, and get stuck into the daily WOD’s from the Whiteboard!

But, is there anything Specific, that you would like to achieve from doing CrossFit? Everyone has there own reasons for joining in the first place.

A common goal is to change the body physically, whether to “Lose Weight” or to “Build Muscle”, this is perhaps the reason we hear most, when people first decide to get involved.

Some people play a Sport, which they would like to perform better at, or they used to play Sports and would like something “Competitive” to replace it with.

For others, their might not be a “Goal” to start with, but once they get into it, something very specific such as, be able to do a Pull Up, or be able to Deadlift a certain amount of Weight might turn into their motivation!

Whatever it is, having a Goal to work towards can be that extra thing you need to motivate you and keep you coming back to the Box.

What’s even better, is constantly measuring your progress, seeing the results happening, and the motivation grows stronger. There really is no better feeling than walking out of the box, and not only feeling better, but knowing the improvements are happening!

What Goal should I set myself?

If your thinking Movements or Weights, or even Running for example, it is important to make a goal Realistic.

If you would one day like to be able to do a Bar Muscle Up, but you’ve only just managed to do a Pull Up, lets start with a Chest to Bar Pull Up first.

Remember also, that this is a journey to be enjoyed, and hopefully one that will last a long time, so don’t be in a rush, set goals for in say, 6 months time, or by the end of next year, rather then by the end of next week. The great thing about this is, your not putting too much pressure on yourself, and, you’ll most likely hit your goal before you expect to, which means the bar can then be raised higher!

If a body goal is set, such as to lose weight, or gain weight, lets make it a little more specific. Maybe, lets aim to get to a certain body fat percentage, fit into a certain pair of jeans that are little tight, or if its the other way, gain a certain amount of kilograms. For these types of Goals it is definitely not just the training that’s important, nutrition will play a huge part and if your not already clued up on the subject, its a chance to learn about a whole new aspect of Health & Fitness!

Is there a challenge that you’d love to be able to take on, a Half Marathon, a 10km Run, or even a 5km Run, having something like this in your sights can keep you super focussed, and is very easy for a Coach to plan for if a date has been set.

We would love to play as much of a part in your Journey as possible, so don’t hesitate to ask for our advice let us guide you through it.

Everything we have set in place at the Box is already set up to help you get the results you want. All of the extra Programming that is provided on a weekly basis (extra Whiteboards in the Box, and tab on the Website) is there for this very reason. Pick the tools you need to build your Health and Fitness how you want, if the Goal changes, put down that tool and pick up the one you need!

The mistake that people make, is trying to do too much, they pick up more tools than they can keep hold of, and they either end up moving further away from their Goals or, set off on a Journey towards Over Training and Injury, more on this later though…

Final Thoughts…

Whatever you reasons were in the first place for starting CrossFit and beginning your journey in Health & Fitness. Whether your super focussed and motivated, craving the pain of training, gagging to get back in the Box each day. Or if you’ve hit a little plateau, your struggling to find motivation and possibly looking for a reason not to go to the box tomorrow. Try to think of the bigger picture. Even if it doesn’t seem that important right now, every time you decide to come into the box, your bettering your health, and not only are you improving the Quality of Life you have right now, and potentially adding years to your life!

One of the major benefits of training in a CrossFit Box is that you are not on your own, advice and support is always available to you, make the most of the membership you pay, don’t be afraid to ask for some extra help. If you’ve got a goal, or need help setting one, your Coaches are eager to get you to where you want to be.

If its to be Generally Fitter and Healthier, to simply enjoy working out with friends, and soak up the atmosphere, we’ll keep the Class WOD’s coming, you keep turning up and working hard. This is all you need to guarantee a lifetime of being fit and able, and to keep you in better condition than the rest of the population who do not exercise (the ones that are easy to kill)!

If you’ve got something specific in mind, lets work together and tailor your training, specifically towards it! All you have to do is ask if you need us to help with this, tell us when you can make it in to the Box, and we’ll tell you what to do when your in, it is really that simple.

Be realistic with your Goals, take pleasure in seeing the small improvements, and then every so often, look back to see how far you’ve come. Sometimes you need to remind yourself of the progress you’ve made, and confirm that the effort your putting in is worth it.

If you get injured, because your trying to do too much, or because your ego says that “Scaling IS Failing” (read the sign outside the front door), then your goals will move further away from you, and coming to the Box will become a negative experience, rather than a positive one.

Part of our job is to be honest, and if this means telling you to go take a rest day, or to take some Weight of your Barbell, don’t get upset, take it on board, we are always looking at the big picture, the long journey ahead and how to not only make it an enjoyable one, but a safe one that will last a long time!

Have Fun, but stay Safe. Set Goals but be Realistic. If you have a choice to come to the Box, or not, always come to the Box! Look back, only to see how far you’ve come, then focus on what lies ahead.

Until next time, keep working hard! DYL.



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