**CHANGE TO THE SCHEDULE** For the next 3 weeks TEAM WOD will be programmed for a Thursday as oppose to a Friday. This is due to the CrossFit OPEN Workout being released on a Thursday evening meaning Friday will be your opportunity to hit the workout and this will be the programmed WOD, Fridays can also be used as OPEN GYM. Once the OPEN is over we will resume usual routine.

Today’s Team WOD is a Birthday WOD! Happy Birthday Toni from everyone at CrossFit Teesside!!!

Warm Up:
Row 2 Mins
Ski 2 Mins
Assault Bike 2 Mins
Stretch & Mobilise

Front Squat Tekkers

Team WOD:
29 Minute AMRAP of:
15 Front Squats @ 42.5/60kg
20 Double Unders
18 Ab-Mat Sit Ups

* Switch with partner, every 3 Minutes

* Scale WEIGHT as needed
* Scale DUs for 10 Reduced Reps or 60 Single Unders


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