Alot of you maybe be aware that the class sizes are becoming bigger and bigger due to increased number of members therefore please try to arrive on time for the scheduled classes, I understand that some people finish work late or have children to drop off at school but please make every effort to make the class times, that way the WODs can run as smoothly as possible. I want to continue to run things the way we always have. i.e running heats through the WODs with those people who genuinely need to leave early taking priority in the first heat , I never want to go to a booking system like most boxes are now starting to use. You guys can help with this by arriving before or on time so you can hear the WOD description and being as understanding as you always have been to the guys who need to go first. Also please clean and wipe your equipment and working area as soon as your WOD is done in order to allow the next heat to get started. :-)

Below there is a video documentary filmed in Scandanavia where CrossFit has grown to an unbelieveable size, this is the way I see CrossFit going now in the UK. Myself and some of the other members and coaches have been lucky enough to witness the growth of CrossFit throughout the UK. In the documentary it states that there is a fear that CrossFit is becoming more of an industry rather than a community, and that some standards are being dropped and certain new boxes/coaches are confusing CrossFit with circuit training or a “good way to get sweaty”.

No matter how big CrossFit Teesside grows my number one priority is that we as a box withhold the standards that makes CrossFit so different and superior to any other fitness methodology. Me and the Coaches can continually demonstrate how we expect the movements to be executed; however it is you as the athletes that must perform them as instructed. To that end, I want to see each and every one of you striving to break parallel on your squats, anything that goes overhead I expect to see your head coming through the window, your chest and thighs must hit the deck on burpees, you must work to get those hips up on your H/R press ups, I never want to see anybody cheating reps, if you mis-count then add 1 or 2 extras reps.

This is by no means an accusation of poor standards, this is a reminder of what is expected. As a box CrossFit Teesside has a ridiculously high standard, and it is the integrity of each and every one of you that makes it that way. I never ever want CrossFit Teesside to become a place where people go just to get sweaty. Saunas, Steamrooms and Hi-tech machines dont make an effective training enviroment…….. What actually happens inside is what counts and its your actions that makes CrossFit Teesside the best physical training establishment in the North East.

Finally please remember this, “WE MUST FIRST LEARN THE MECHANICS AND MAKE THEM CONSISTENT BEFORE WE INTRODUCE INTENSITY”. So please never ever be afraid to scale down and always listen to the advice from the coaches.

Ok, back to business with a chipper.

Warm up

Run 800m, Stretch and mobilise


For time:

  • Row 1000m
  • 25 Burpees
  • 50 KB Swings @ 16kg/24kg
  • 75 Ab-mat Sit ups
  • 100 Air Squats
  • Run 800m


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