Teesside’s First and largest CrossFit Gym open 7 days per week

No matter where your at in your fitness journey, CrossFit Teesside is here to help you take it to the next level. Come in and try out a FREE taster session and you’ll understand why our members look forward to coming here everyday.


Our CROSSFIT TEESSIDE FREE TRIAL will give you a chance to experience a CrossFit session, and find out how we can help you work towards your health and fitness goals.


To arrange a FREE TASTER Email Lee at

CrossFit Teesside is unlike any other gym, here you will NOT find rows upon rows of treadmills, vibro-plates or any other computer generated machines, you will not perform any isolated or restricted movements. What you will find is a group of like-minded individuals carrying out functional compound exercises involving the body’s natural movements. We make use of pull up frames, plyo-boxes, medicine balls, slam balls, gymnastic rings, kettlebells, Rubber weighted barbells, sand bags and climbing ropes. At CrossFit Teesside we are fuelling a revelation in fitness and want to give people a breath of fresh air from the impersonal service received at a corporate gymnasium. We will challenge your body and mind, whilst transforming your body’s composition. In a few short weeks you will be capable of performing what you now think is impossible. Click to read the CrossFit Teesside Difference.






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